Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Beach and Boardwalk Fun Scrapbooking Page Idea

Beach and Boardwalk Fun Scrapbooking Page Idea
I love the beach and one of my favorite places to visit is Wildwood in New Jersey. We try to get down to Wildwood about 6 times a year, spring, summer and of course, fall. There is always something interesting to see and super-fun things to do!

I'm a traditional scrapbooker and I enjoy playing with paper and embellishments. I know some people are into digital scrapbooking, but that's not me. The layout that I'm featuring today is a really easy one in the traditional 12" by 12" size. Plus, I was able to squeeze on 8 photos without the page coming out too gaudy looking.

The background is a sheet of 12" by 12" piece of scrapbooking paper in a wood board print. I selected it because it reminds me of the boardwalk boards! A lot of my photos had a red color in them so I selected red and turquoise for my accent colors.

The first photo mat has 4 photos on it and all of them were cropped down to fit. I matted them onto turquoise colored cardstock, trimmed to have an 1/8" edge and then matted onto red cardstock with a 3/16" edge. I accented this photo block in a unique way. I had taken a lot of photos of various signage down in Wildwood and on the boardwalk. One sign was in the shape of a string of beach balls and it spelled out a saying about Wildwood. I blew it up slightly, printed out the photo & then used scissors to cut it out. I then placed it onto the photo block (top left) using foam adhesive squares.
Beach and Boardwalk Fun Scrapbooking Page Idea

The second photo mat features 4 mini photos of us goofing off in one of those photo booths up on the boardwalk. I left them in "strip form" and just matted the entire strip onto turquoise and red cardstock, so that they matched the first photo block. Underneath this photo block is a rub-on word that says "LOVE" and above the photo block is a rub-on word that says "Memories" with both being in a dark red color.

At the bottom of the page I added 3 different rope boarder stickers which reminds me of the rope you see all over the place down at the shore. I added a 4th rope boarder along the top of the page.  For the title block, I enlarged a photo that I had taken that said Wildwood from a sign that was on the boardwalk. I printed it out, cut it out around the edges and then matted it onto red cardstock. I used foam adhesive back squares to apply it at the top of my page.

What was fun about this page is that it didn't cost me a lot to make and took very little time. Two of my embellishments were made from actual photographs that I took, along with 2 rub-on words and 3 rope stickers. I wanted to squeeze on 8 photographs without it being too much and I think this worked out pretty well. Thanks for checking it out!

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