Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Kid's Crafts Painted Seashells Beach Vacation Memories

This past June we took both of our grandchildren down to the beach for summer vacation. The kids enjoy playing in the sand, jumping waves in the ocean and collecting seashells from the beach. Over the years I've taught them to ONLY collect the un-occupied shells and to put occupied shells back onto the beach.

Like most kids...they love collecting seashells and when we got home we had 3 bags of shells that we could use for crafting and home decorating. We decided to paint on a few of the larger clam shells that we collected that measure at least 5" in width. Before you paint on them you'll want to wash them really well with liquid dish soap and water. Let them dry for out in the sunshine until completely dry. It's important to remove the debris, sand, and the smell.
Kid's Crafts Painted Seashells Beach Vacation Memories

You can use acrylic craft paints and paint brushes or you can use acrylic paint pens or markers. My 10 year old granddaughter made the one shown in the photograph using ONLY acrylic paint pens that we purchased from Amazon. They're great if you want a no-mess craft project to do with the kids, plus they dry quickly.

The Princess painted a beach scene featuring glistening, golden, sandy beach, waves crashing onshore, the Atlantic Ocean in the background with sea gulls flying above. I think she did a really nice job! On the back of the shell she wrote her name and the date. To protect the painted design we sprayed them with 2 coats of clear acrylic spray sealer and left them dry overnight.

Painting on seashells that you collected while on vacation is a great way for children to preserve those beach vacation memories. Plus, it's a frugal craft and will cost you less than 50 cents to make (paint supplies), since the seashells are free!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Teacher's Gifts: Painted Seashell Paper Weights

The end of the school year is approaching and my grandchildren needed a few end of the year Teacher's gifts. Every year we buy their teacher a small gift and then have the kids handcraft one too. I feel its important to let kids be artistically creative and this project is fun for them to complete.

For our project we used large 4" and 5" wide clam seashells that we collected off of the beach. Wash them with a little bit of soapy water (to remove sand and debris) and let them thoroughly dry before painting on them. This size of a clam shell is weighty and makes great paper weights for the teacher's desk.
Teacher's Gifts: Painted Seashell Paper Weights

Teacher's Gifts: Painted Seashell Paper Weights

Large, Clean, Clam Shells (see note above)
Acrylic Craft Paints
Paper Towels, Water Dish, Paint Brush
Medium-Tip White Paint Pen
Clear Acrylic Spray Sealer, Glossy Finish

Have the child base coat their large clam shell with their desired color of paint. We wanted our seashells to resemble a blackboard, so we painted them with 2 coats of black acrylic craft paint. Leave them dry for 60-90 minutes or until the paint is no longer tacky.

Once the paint is dry...have the child hand-write the teacher's name using the medium-point white paint pen. Let them write out the name which shows off that child's penmanship. They can use additional paint colors to add polka dots or other fun little designs around the outer edge of the seashell if they want to add color and/or additional decoration. Let dry for 60-90 minutes or until paint is no longer tacky.

Tip: To make the perfect circular polka-dots have the child dip the end of their paint brush (non-bristle end) into wet paint and then place the wet end (tip) onto the seashell. Perfect polka dots every time! Have them re-dip the end into wet paint before "dotting" on a new polka dot each time.

After they're done drying have an adult take them outside. Lay them down onto a plastic placemat, old table cloth or drop cloth. Lightly spray them with 2 coats of clear acrylic spray sealer. We like the glossy finish, but you could certainly use matte finish if you prefer that look. Let them dry for 60-90 minutes. This will preserve the painted design and help to prevent cracking and crazing over the years. That's it, you're done!

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Kid's Crafts Painted Seashell Paperweights

Looking for a fun craft project to do with the kids that won't cost you a lot of money? All you need for this easy-to-make project are some large clam seashells and craft paints. Once completed they will have made a beautiful and unique seashell paperweight. A great end of the school year teacher's gift too!

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Kid's Crafts Painted Seashell Paperweights

Kid's Crafts: Painted Seashell Paperweights

Large Clam Shell Seashell
Acrylic Craft Paints, Various Metallic and Glitter Colors
Acrylic Craft Paint Pen in White
Paint Brush, Water Dish, Paper Towels

Wash and thoroughly dry seashells. We used large clam shells that measure at least 4 1/2" in width. We recommend washing them in hot, soapy water and letting them air-dry out in the hot sun. Make sure all of the sand and debris has been removed.

Cover work surface with sheets of old newspaper or an old plastic drop cloth. Kids can get messy when they're using paints.

Have each child give their seashell two base coats of paint in their desired color. We used metallic paints and glitter paints that can be found in any craft supply store for about $1.00 per bottle. Using the metallic colors give your seashells a nice glossy finish. Using glitter paints give them sparkle. Once the base coating is done...let them dry for about an hour.
Kid's Crafts Painted Seashell Paperweights

Let the children come up with their own designs and color schemes! Its important that we let them be creative without a lot of input from us. Not every craft that a child makes needs to be "Pinterest Worthy" if you know what I mean. Plus, we can all tell when a craft was made by an adult and NOT by a child! Sigh, I wish people would just be honest!

For these designs my 10 year old granddaughter base coated both seashells with a bubblegum pink color. One was done with metallic paint and one was done with glitter paint. She then used a white colored paint pen to write the word MERMAID on one shell and her nick-name on the other shell. She dipped the end of her paint brush into royal blue and purple metallic paints and added a dotted border around the MERMAID seashell. Kids could use cotton swabs dipped into paint to get the perfect-sized polka dots too.

They can paint on nature-inspired designs, animals, just names and words, rainbow colors, etc. Whatever their little hearts desire. Once they're done decorating them you'll want to let them thoroughly dry for 2-3 hours. If they're giving them as a gift I recommend letting them take a Sharpie Marker and writing a message on the back side of the shell, along with their name and the date. In other words, autograph their artwork. Fun!

These type's of kid's craft projects don't cost a lot of money. If you live near the beach or will be visiting one on summer vacation...pick up some of those large clam shells you see lying around on the beach. Don't have access to seashells? You can do this same project using smooth river rocks too.