Monday, March 20, 2017

Family Beach Vacation Scrapbook Page Idea

Family Beach Vacation Scrapbook Page Idea
We're really fortunate that we only live 3-4 hours from the Atlantic coast and visit the beach several times every year. Our beach trips are always special with our daughter and her family show up to spend a few days with us. Let's face it...vacation is a lot of fun when the entire family get's together!

I finally found some time to sit down and work on my scrapbooking projects again and to get things rolling...I'm working on our family vacation photos from 2015 to the beach in Wildwood. I had forgotten how many photos I had taken during that trip until I sat down to look through them. During the daughter was 7 months pregnant and she wanted a few family photos taken that showed off her very pregnant belly.

I decided to go with a simple scrapbook layout and with a pretty neutral color scheme of light beige, brown, seafoam and blue. The background is a sheet of 12" by 12" printed cardstock in a pretty light beige color. I then took two pieces of brown paper and ran them through my machine to turn them into cardboard-looking paper. You can see on the photo where I placed them on the background.

Two vertical photographs were used after they were slightly cropped down and matted onto light turquoise and bright blue cardstock. The inner mat has a 1/8" edge and the outer mat has a 3/16" edge. The title of the page is a block that says "Sunny Day Everyday" which I matted onto the bright blue cardstock and then accented it with a flower embellishment. To add a little pizzazz, I added a tiny turquoise colored rhinestone to the center of the flower. Underneath the title block is a 3-D pennant flag embellishment done in the same color scheme.

The bottom right corner features a travel themed 3-D embellishment and I added a pair of plastic sunglasses to the right upper corner to add more interest. I used a turquoise colored gel ink pen and made a mini list of some of the activities that we did together as a family during that vacation down to the beach. The top right photo is accented with a lighthouse cardstock sticker embellishment and the bottom left photo is accented with a blue ship's anchor cardstock sticker embellishment.

I didn't want to over-do it with the embellishments or color scheme with this particular scrapbook layout because I wanted the two photographs to stand out and speak for themselves.

Note: You can double click on the photograph to get it to open up in a new browsing window and in an enlarged size. That will allow you to see all of the smaller details up close.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ice Cream Cones Scrapbooking Page Layout Idea

Ice Cream Cones Scrapbooking Page Layout Idea
Every time we take our grandchildren on vacation with us down to the beach we make the point to take them out for ice cream cones and/or ice cream sundaes. There is this one really cool place called Cool Scoops in Wildwood New Jersey that has tables and booths that are replica's of vintage cars that you sit in! The kids get a real kick out of sitting in those old car seats when they eat their ice cream.

To remember this annual family tradition, I took two photos the last time we were there and whipped up a super-easy scrapbook page using them. In addition, all of my embellishments on the page are ones that I had leftover from other projects, so it was a great way to use up some of my scrap stash!

Ice Cream Cones Scrapbooking Page Layout Idea

The background is a sheet of texture cardstock in a solid light turquoise color. I used three strips of paper to make my own bottom boarder and simply cut them out with a wavy edge, layered them together and put them onto the page. I used a coral colored printed piece of scrapbook paper, a dark turquoise textured piece of paper and a solid bright red piece of paper to make the border. Those colors worked well with my photos. Layered on top of the boarder are three chipboard ice cream cone embellishments.

I matted both of the photos (after I cropped them) onto solid bright red cardstock, trimmed that mat leaving an 1/8" edge and matted it again ton the coral piece of printed paper that I had used in the border. This way my photo mat coordinates with the boarder. I left a 3/16" edge around the outer mat.

The word SMILE was made with a glitter adhesive word kit and I used dark turquoise glitter for that. Underneath each photo I used vellum word stickers, SAY CHEESE and TOGETHER FOREVER. To the left of the photo block is a file folder tab that has the date on it and to the right is a thing-a-ma-jig with coral flower epoxy sticker. Both of the embellishments were inked around the edges with turquise colored ink.

I really like the color scheme that I used which pulled out the colors from the photographs. The layout was really simple to put together, allowed me to use up bits & pieces that I had leftover from other projects and I think it's funky looking which I like.

Note: You can double click on the photo to have it automatically open up in a new window and in an enlarged size, so that you can see the details up close!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Craft Project: Trolls Theme'd Refrigerator Magnets

Kid's Craft Project: Trolls Theme'd Refrigerator Magnets
My 8 year old granddaughter spends a LOT of time over at our home and 2-3 times every month, I sit down with her to work on various arts and crafts projects. Even at her age, she's quite capable of working on and completing various projects. Yup, she's caught the crafting bug and has caught it at a very young age!

A few weeks ago we sat down and watched the new Dreamwork's Trolls movie and decided to whip up a little craft project in honor of the movie. She absolutely LOVES those adorable Trolls! This project is something the older kids can do, but I do recommend that ONLY the adults do the laminating process if you're using a laminating machine. If not, you can purchase 'cold' laminating sticky sheets at your local craft store.

Kid's Craft Project: Trolls Theme'd Refrigerator Magnets

Trolls stickers
Trolls Cut-Outs
Laminating Machine or Self-Stick Laminating Sheets
White Cardstock Sheets
Markers, Colored Pencils or Crayons

Some of the refrigerator magnets that we made were made from Trolls theme'd glitter stickers and some were made from cut-outs that my granddaughter colored. You can also make them by printing out Trolls designs from the internet.
Dreamwork's Trolls Stickers and Cut-Outs

To make them sturdy, you want to apply the stickers or cut-outs onto some white cardstock, using a glue stick in needed. Make sure they are smooth and flat. Use scissors and cut around the edge of each design.

If using a laminating machine, ONLY an adult should do this step. Place the cut-out items between two laminating sheets and run through your machine per manufacturer's instructions. Let cool. Once they're cool, have the child cut out each design around the edge, leaving a small space around each edge to keep the design sealed underneath the plastic. We left 1/16" of an inch edge.

If you're using self-stick "cold" laminating sheets, read the package directions. Usually, you just stick the cut-outs between the two sheets and then cut them out. The don't need to be ran through a machine and are readily available at most craft supply stores.

Flip them over and apply magnets on the back. We used self-adhesive magnets that we picked up at the craft store. You're done!