Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Scrapbooking - A Hole in One Mini Golf Layout Idea

As a family, we love to get out a few times every year to play miniature golf. Matter of fact, every time we travel...we look for a mini golf course nearby. It's a lot of fun and a great way to bond together as a family and a game that both adults & the kids enjoy.

About 6 weeks ago we took our 7 year old granddaughter out to play miniature golf and to remember our fun day...I whipped up 3 scrapbook pages that are full of photos from our day. Here's one of the mini golf pages that I made.

* Note: I'm a traditional scrapbooker so all my layouts are done in the 12" by 12" size. No digital layouts here!

My background is a sheet of olive green textured cardstock. I had a piece of muted sponge-texture green & brown colored scrapbook paper that I cut down into: A block measuring 5" by 3 1/2" in size and then I cut 2 1/2" squares from it and cut those in half to make the zig-zag pattern running across the top of the page. The block is used underneath the photo mat to add accent and so that I had something to mount the one photo onto (me putting the ball on the right side of the page).

I used three other photos (2 horizontal and 1 vertical) and slightly cropped them down. I then matted them onto one big block of light olive green cardstock. I left a 3/16" mat edge. I then cut from light green a journaling square and inked around the edges in chocolate brown. I matted it onto a dark berry piece of cardstock and inked around the edges again. I added a clear adhesive word sticker to the top of the journaling block that says SCORE! and did the journaling in my own handwriting. Underneath the photo block are 4 small number stickers for the year.

To the right of the photo block you'll see 3 clear adhesive word stickers: Good Times, Fun Day, Play Time!. Also accenting the right side of the page are 2 brown chip board tags and I added a dark berry colored brad to each one & attached them to the page for textural interest. Underneath is a silvertoned metal brad with a flower on it.

I used my Cricut cartridge "Everyday Fonts"  and the F3 font to cut out the letters HOLE in ONE from berry colored cardstock. I inked around the edges of each letter with chocolate brown distressing ink. I ran each one through my Xyron and then added them to the page for my page title.

Note: Double Click on each image in this post & it will automatically open up in a new window & in an enlarged size so that you can see the smaller details.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

DIY Coastal Seashell Christmas Ornaments

DIY Coastal Seashell Christmas Ornaments
Every year I decorate a 6 foot tall Christmas Tree in a beach and coastal theme. I decorate three trees for the season, but I coastal Christmas Tree is my favorite.

Last week at our local Dollar Store I picked up some craft supplies to make my own Coastal Seashell Christmas Ornament Balls. I love frugal holiday crafts like this and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. Here's how to make them!

DIY Coastal Seashell Christmas Ornament Balls

Clear Plastic Ornament Balls
Bag of Seashells
All-Purpose Craft Glue
DIY Coastal Seashell Christmas Ornaments

Note: I purchased all of the supplies at my local Dollar Store.

Remove the top from each ornament ball. Fill the ball 2/3 of the way full with purchased craft sand. Place small seashells down into the ornament through the hole at the top. Your ornament will be semi-heavy, so they are best for the bottom branches of your tree. Since they are semi-heavy, I used all-purpose craft glue to glue the top back into place...just for added extra-strength, so that the little prongs on the cap don't pull out.
DIY Coastal Seashell Christmas Ornaments

Cut a 6" to 8" long piece of natural-colored raffia and tie it through the top for the ornament's hanger. If desired, you can make a loopy bow out of the raffia too. I kept mine pretty simple. I like the calming neutral tones, so I kept to those, but you could certainly use colored sand or small dyed (or painted) seashells too. Super simple to make!

I made a total of 8 of them and they will be hanging this year on my bigger, bottom branches on the Christmas Tree. If I can find smaller ornament balls and even tinier seashells, I would like to make some smaller ones too! Fun!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

DIY Duct Tape Cell Phone Cases

Got a cell phone or a child who does? If so, check out these in-expensive ways on how you can make a cellphone case by simply using duct tape and a few other supplies. This is a great craft project for the older children to try and I can totally see the teenagers getting into this too. What a great way to make your own DIY cellphone case and really give it a personalized look!

DIY Duct Tape Cell Phone Cases

Materials: fuchsia and multi-colored chevron duct tape, bubble wrap, cell phone

Tools: self-healing cutting mat, ruler, scissors, ball point pen, pencil

1. Cut 2 rectangles from the bubble wrap that are 1/2 wider than your phone.

2. Trim down the height of the bubble wrap rectangles to 1" shorter than height of your cell phone.

3. Fold strips of fuchsia duct tape over the top edges of the bubble wrap rectangles. Trim down the left and right edges.

4. Place one rectangle on top of the other and line up the edges. Starting from the top edge, horizontally place 10" strips of fuchsia duct tape on the bubble wrap rectangles, overlapping the strips along the long edges by approximately 1/8". Flip over the bubble wrap rectangles. Fold the left and right edges of the strips over the rectangles, creating a pocket.

5. Horizontally place a strip of fuchsia tape halfway along the bottom edge of the pocket. Fold the strip under the pocket to close up the bottom.

6. Draw 8 flower petals on the parchment paper.

7. Cover drawn petals with chevron duct tape.

8. Flip the parchment paper so the drawn petals are visible. Using a pair of well-oiled scissors, cut out the petals.

9. Move around the cut petals on the cell phone case until you find an acceptable position.

10. One by one, remove the parchment paper on the back of each petal and adhere it onto the cell phone case.

Richela Fabian Morgan began her duct tape odyssey 8 years ago with a simple bi-fold wallet, before writing the best-selling crafting books Tape It & Make It, Tape It & Make More, and Tape It & Wear It. She is an indie crafter specializing in paper, adhesives, and found materials. Her newest duct tape crafting book, Duct Tape Bags, is available nationwide. For more information, please visit,