Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Scrapbooking - A Day in Hershey Layout Idea

We are really fortunate that we live only 20 minutes from Hershey Pennsylvania and travel there pretty often to participate in family-friendly activities. On one particular day we decided to take our 6 year old granddaughter to The Hershey Story Museum on Chocolate Avenue and I made up a few scrapbook pages to remember our day.

The following scrapbooking layout was done in the traditional 12" by 12" format. I don't care for digital scrapbook pages, so this one is totally made with paper.

My background is a sheet of 12" by 12" printed scrapbooking paper. The main color is a beige and it has a printed floral border running down the left side. Since Hershey's chocolate is in a brown color, I wanted to use mostly neutral shades on my page.

For this page I used three photos, two are horizontal and one is vertical. I cropped them all down (slightly) and matted them onto one sheet of dusty blue cardstock, leaving an 1/8" edge. I then matted it again onto chocolate brown cardstock leaving a 3/16" edge. I left head space and footer space above & below the vertical photo. I did my journaling in the footer space and added a chocolate bar sticker to the header space and accented both spaces with some brown pen-ink stitching.

I had a piece of printed chocolate brown & floral pattern pattern and cut a strip to measure the width of my photo block by 3/4" in height. I then used my "fringe edge" scissors and cut a fringe along the one long edge. I used my glue dots runner to attach the fringe strip of paper to the bottom edge of the photo block and then attached the entire thing to the background paper.

Using my Cricut and the Everyday Font Cartridge...I cut out the words The Hershey Story (name of the museum) using the F4 font style and the #2 size setting from chocolate brown cardstock. I put the letters through my adhesive machine and then placed them underneath the photograph block. To finish up, I had three leftover Hershey Kiss stickers and added them on the left-side of the page to frame out the photo block.

This page took me about 45 minutes to make...most of that time spent with cutting out my letters using the Cricut and then running them through my Xryon. Total cost (for all of you frugal scrapbookers was about $2.50 for the page. Yay!

Note: All photos are clickable. Click on each one and it will open up in a new window & in an enlarged size, so that you can view all of the smaller details up close.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Craft Project: Duct Tape Notebook Covers

The kids are back to school and if they haven't decorated their school notebooks yet, now is the time do it. By decorating them, it personalizes their notebooks and binders with a customized look and second, it gives the kids something creative to do on the weekends.

Today's craft project is courtesy of the Duct Tape Queen, Richela Fabian Morgan, who is the author of the Duct Tape Series Books: Tape It & Make It, Tape It & Make More, Tape It & Wear It and her newly released book, Duct Tape Bags.

Craft Project: Duct Tape Notebook Covers

Material: duct tape, notebook

Tools: parchment paper, pencil, scissors

Additional tool: bubble letter stencil (the one used in photo is a free printable.

1. Cover front of notebook with vertical strips of duct tape.

2. Fold the duct tape strips over the top, bottom, and right edges of the cover.
3. Trace letters onto the parchment paper.

4. Cover the traced letters with a strip of duct tape.

5. Flip over the parchment paper. You should be able to see the traced letters.

6. Using a pair of well-oiled scissors, cut out the letters.

7. Move around the cut letters on the notebook cover until you find an acceptable position.

8. One by one, remove the parchment paper on the back of each letter and adhere it onto the notebook cover.

Richela Fabian Morgan began her duct tape odyssey 8 years ago with a simple bi-fold wallet, before writing the best-selling crafting books Tape It & Make It, Tape It & Make More, and Tape It & Wear It. She is an indie crafter specializing in paper, adhesives, and found materials. Her newest duct tape crafting book, Duct Tape Bags, is available nationwide. For more information, please visit, www.RichelaFabianMorgan.com

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Book Review: I Can Make My Own Accessories

For the past 2 1/2 years I have regularly gotten together with my now 7 year old granddaughter for regular craft dates. Like most children, she loves to sit down with me and do various arts & craft projects, many of which we've shared right here on the craft blog. Today, we are featuring a complimentary book that we received for review.

Title: I Can Make My Own Accessories
By: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 978-0-500-65082-0

Synopsis: This book includes easy-to-follow patterns to make & customize fashion accessories. Make unique, stylish accessories with some fabric scraps, a few buttons & a ribbon. Create bags, belts, jewelry, hair accessories and more. Follow actual-size patterns, which are quick and easy to make. Super clear instructions aimed at beginners, with tips & tricks along the way.

My Thoughts: Wow, where do I begin with this one. My granddaughter is 7 1/2 years old and with my assistance she could make the majority of the projects featured in this book. While the projects inside are not my fashion style at all, they are perfect for her and for teenage to young adult women. Inside the pages you'll find instructions on:
- A Lip's Brooch
- Cat Ears
- A Bag Charm
- Festival Garland
- Pasta Necklace
- Braided Belt
- Jeweled Collar
- Kawaii Bear Bag

Along with design tips, techniques and tricks to help you get the projects done quickly and how you can customize several of them to suit your own needs. For example: I never knew how to dye pasta but thanks to this book, I do now! The pasta necklace project would be a great project for little girls and for those of you who teach scouting groups...this book would be great for you too.

In the back of the book they teach you how to use pom-poms to adorn socks, pony tail holders, to make jewelry, etc. I love the little ideas on how to use felt flowers to decorate sunglasses, barrettes, pony tail holders, hair clips, etc. All of the designs are super easy-to-make and whip up quickly.

You can learn more about this book and where you can purchase it by visiting Thames & Hudson online.

Disclosure: Shelly H. received a free complimentary copy of this book to review on her blog. No monetary compensation was received. Her thoughts, opinions and words are 100% her own and are unbiased and truthful opinions of the item she has reviewed.