Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Quick and Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

My 8 1/2 year old granddaughter spent the weekend with us and wanted to work on some easy Halloween craft projects. She's been doing various arts and crafts since age 4 and loves to sit down and get creative. We headed into my craft room and she went through my "extra's bin" and pulled out a few things to work on.
Halloween Jack Skeleton Hand-Painted Clam Shell

First up...the Jack Skeleton Hand-Painted Clam Shell (Seashell) that took a few hours to make as she had to let the paint dry in between the coats. We used really large clam shells that we collected from the beach last month and each seashell measures about 6" wide at its widest point.

If you're looking for more Halloween Hand-Painted Seashells and Clam Shell designs, you can find them over on my main blog called Two Classy Chics. We have a large Crafting with Kids section where you'll find all kinds of cool craft projects to do with the kids!

She painted on two coats of white acrylic paint, leaving each coat dry for about 30 minutes before proceeding to the next step. Using black acrylic paint she painted on two black colored eyes, a nose and a mouth. You can see the shape, size and placement by referring to the photograph Let the face paint dry for about an hour.

Take the painted clam shells (seashells) outside and lay them down on a sheet of newspaper or aluminum foil. Lightly spray two coats of clear acrylic sealer (glossy finish) on top of the painted design. Let dry for several hours. The sealer will protect the painted design and you can use your painted seashells indoors or outdoors.
Hand-Painted Black Cat for Halloween

The second project was a Hand-Painted Black Cat which is totally appropriate for Halloween. I had an unfinished cat wooden shape in my craft bin that I had picked up on clearance at a local craft supply store last year for about a dollar. I had never gotten around to painting it or decorating it.

For this...she took aluminum foil and wrapped strips of foil around the rope hanging cord to protect it from paint. She took it outside and laid it on top of two sheets of newspaper. She used black spray paint to paint the front of the cat. She waited an hour, flipped it over and painted the back side. Waited another hour (make sure it's dry) and brought it inside.

Take the aluminum foil off of the rope hanging cord. She used a white chalk paint marker and wrote the word BOO! on the front of the cat. She kept it really simple which I like! After that was dry, we took it back outside and sprayed a light coat of clear acrylic sealer on each side of the black cat to protect the paint. This cat now hangs on the back door over at her house as a Halloween decoration.

Both of these projects are great for older kids to work on and they don't cost a lot of money. If you don't have access to large clam shells, go out and find some smooth river rocks and paint your design on top of the rock. You can always find unfinished wood holiday theme'd items in the clearance bin at your local craft store after the holiday for cheap! Pick up a few shapes this year, tuck them away and let the kids paint them for next year.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Dollar Store Craft Ideas for Kids

My grandchildren love to craft! My little 8 year old granddaughter has been doing arts & craft projects since the age of three. Every month I plan a minimum of two crafting play dates with her and she just loves them! Over the past few months, my god son and grandson have joined us too!

When it comes to kid's crafts...I'm all about being frugal with it. Children don't need you to spend a lot of money on their craft supplies or projects. When I need cheap supplies, I always head to my local Dollar Store to find them! You would be surprised at what you find at the Dollar Store and here's a list of things I recently found.
Dollar Store Craft Ideas for Kids

Packages of Plastic Beads
Packages of Wooden Beads
Spools of Ribbon
Decorative Edge & Straight Edge Scissors
Self-Adhesive Foam Shapes
Glitter Glue, Craft Glue and Glue Sticks
Markers, Crayons, Glitter Ink Pens, Water Paints, etc.
Artificial Flowers and Greenery
Unpainted Wooden Ornament Shapes
Packages of Stickers and Coloring Books
Water Paint Books and Paint Brushes
Construction Paper, Sketch Pads and Poster Board
Self-Adhesive Magnet Backs
Pkgs. Plastic Buttons
Solid Color Gift Bags
and all kinds of other things!!!

I like to visit the Dollar Store often and I set myself a $10 to $15 budget. When I go in there, I look for craft supplies that can be used in various children's craft projects. I will pick up mostly items that will give us multiple uses. I keep all of these supplies store in four plastic bins (also purchased at their store) for when the kids are over and need projects to do to keep busy.
Dollar Store Craft Ideas for Kids

Some of our favorite projects to make with supplies that we get there:

Painted Holiday Ornaments
Refrigerator Magnets
Decorated Gift Bags
Handmade Greeting Cards
Refrigerator Artwork
Decopauge Glassware
Holiday Decorations
and more!

Check out their section on clear glassware for dessert plates, vases, mugs, bowls, etc. and buy tissue paper to let the kids do some decopauge projects! They can them give them as gifts! Just an idea!

The point is...crafting with kids doesn't have to be expensive! Walk into your local Dollar-type of store before hitting the retail chain craft store to buy your supplies. Stock up on various supplies, store them in a bin and get them out on rainy days or whenever you need to give the kids something to do!

Friday, June 30, 2017

3 Ways You Can Use Steel Fabrication for Crafts

Because of its ability to be cut into pieces, reshaped into different forms, and weld together to build a larger element, steel and other metals are becoming more popular as a versatile material in contemporary arts and crafts. In the present, fabricated steel is now used to build artistic creations ranging from small accessories and handmade crafts to huge sculptures and wall murals.

If you want to create a majestic steel masterpiece that will surely stand the test of time, you may consider using aerospace grade sheet metal which is not as prone to rusting, fading, breakage, and deformation as other sheet metal grades. Spraying a thick layer of clear-coat as a finisher can also help to protect your artwork from fingerprint markings, scratches, stains, dirt, and damage from UV rays. Adding other metals such as bronze and brass, and other insulating materials such as wood and rubber can also add diversity to your masterpiece.

Are you new to using fabricated steel for making crafts? If so, then this article is for you. Learn more about the 3 ways that you can use steel fabrication to make your crafts stand out among the rest. You may also get your steel professionally processed by the best steel fabricator Melbourne.

Cutting, Bending, and Reshaping

Cutting involves using a variety of instruments to achieve the desired size and form of a steel sheet. Remember to always consider the thickness of a metal sheet as thicker steel sheets will take more time and effort to cut. However, thicker steel sheets are more resistant to deformation. Depending on the desired outcome, you may use a combination of cutting instruments in your craft. Automated jigsaw and bandsaw are great for doing quick straight cuts when used with a straight-edge. Nibblers, whether automatic or manual, offer better control for cutting along curves and delicate forms with accuracy. On the other hand, snips are perfect for small and precise cuts on thinner steel sheets.

Bending and reshaping add a new dimension and character to your artwork. If you are using thick materials, then you might need to use tools and machines to help you. Otherwise, you can just use your force to create beautiful bends, twists, swirls, curls, and waves.

Grinding to Create Texture

The process involves using a variety of materials, grit types, angles of grind, and power to create different decorative patterns on the surface of the sheet metal. Although creating consistent textures would definitely take a lot of time and practice, adding grind patterns can instantly add a visual feast to your masterpiece. Try to experiment with different grinding pads, spinning pads, and brushing and scratching tools, then see which one suits your artistic style and preferences.


While many people like the natural color of fabricated steel, there are also others who want to add a variety of colors to their crafts. Unlike cutting, bending, and grinding, coloring metal sheets require extra care and more advanced skills. Spray painting will also not ensure that the color will last over time. One of the most common ways of coloring steel is by using heat. Coloring with heat is not very predictable and is dependent on the temperature of the heat source, duration of exposure to heat, humidity, and the type of material used.