Friday, April 7, 2017

4 Fantastic Things You Can Do for Clothes with a Sewing Machine

4 Fantastic Things You Can Do for Clothes with a Sewing Machine
One of the best things about owning a sewing machine is that you can customize your clothes and experiment right in the comfort of your own home. Got some extra stash of fabric and a flair for creativity? Make yourself a lovely dress! Or if you have clothes you haven’t worn for some time because they are either not flattering or no longer fit, why not transform them into something new?

If you’re into sewing or you feel like it’s time to invest in a sewing machine, this post will definitely give you some fantastic ideas for your next DIY fashion project. Here are 4 things you can do to upcycle your clothing:

Add lace to jean shorts. Rather than throwing away your distressed jeans, upcycle them into jeans shorts with some lace for embellishment. Adding some lace is a clever way to revamp your old jeans. Sew the lace fabric at the bottom of your shorts or at the back pockets. You can also use the lace to patch up any rips or tears on your jeans.

Make some fabric inserts for your sweater. This is one of the easiest ways to refashion an old sweater. It’s also a fix for sweaters that are too small. If you want to lengthen a small sweater, simply cut the bottom part of it at the back and sew some fabric for an additional detail. Inserting fabric on a short shirt is a nice way to revamp it as well. Cut it in half and sew the fabric at the middle part.

Make a hoodie for your clothes. Pinterest is one big place to find free patterns and inspiration for your next hoodie project. There are so many styles of hoodies available and you can do it not just on jackets but also on short sleeves or sweatshirts. This is a convenient way to prepare for the cold weather rather than buying new clothes.

Create a maxidress out of an old sheet. Who says you have to buy fabric when sewing a full-length maxi dress? When you have vintage sheets you no longer use, recreate it into a chic maxi dress that is totally comfy and flowy. There are lots of vintage sheets offered at the thrift store. The best part is that you don’t need the advanced skills to do this one. If you’re a beginner, go for a non-complicated pattern. In this case, an “easy tee” pattern would be the best option.

Before starting your DIY fashion project, check if your machine can handle the basics such as inserting zippers and variable sized stitches. What are the best sewing machine for making clothes? If you are looking for spacious workspace, consider ones that have an extra wide table. When you have the penchant for stitches, invest in a multipurpose machine that comes with built-in stitch patterns.

Sewing can be an addictive hobby so keep in mind that your machine should be user-friendly and at the same time, can handle some really good projects.

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