Monday, February 20, 2017

Craft Project: Trolls Theme'd Refrigerator Magnets

Kid's Craft Project: Trolls Theme'd Refrigerator Magnets
My 8 year old granddaughter spends a LOT of time over at our home and 2-3 times every month, I sit down with her to work on various arts and crafts projects. Even at her age, she's quite capable of working on and completing various projects. Yup, she's caught the crafting bug and has caught it at a very young age!

A few weeks ago we sat down and watched the new Dreamwork's Trolls movie and decided to whip up a little craft project in honor of the movie. She absolutely LOVES those adorable Trolls! This project is something the older kids can do, but I do recommend that ONLY the adults do the laminating process if you're using a laminating machine. If not, you can purchase 'cold' laminating sticky sheets at your local craft store.

Kid's Craft Project: Trolls Theme'd Refrigerator Magnets

Trolls stickers
Trolls Cut-Outs
Laminating Machine or Self-Stick Laminating Sheets
White Cardstock Sheets
Markers, Colored Pencils or Crayons

Some of the refrigerator magnets that we made were made from Trolls theme'd glitter stickers and some were made from cut-outs that my granddaughter colored. You can also make them by printing out Trolls designs from the internet.
Dreamwork's Trolls Stickers and Cut-Outs

To make them sturdy, you want to apply the stickers or cut-outs onto some white cardstock, using a glue stick in needed. Make sure they are smooth and flat. Use scissors and cut around the edge of each design.

If using a laminating machine, ONLY an adult should do this step. Place the cut-out items between two laminating sheets and run through your machine per manufacturer's instructions. Let cool. Once they're cool, have the child cut out each design around the edge, leaving a small space around each edge to keep the design sealed underneath the plastic. We left 1/16" of an inch edge.

If you're using self-stick "cold" laminating sheets, read the package directions. Usually, you just stick the cut-outs between the two sheets and then cut them out. The don't need to be ran through a machine and are readily available at most craft supply stores.

Flip them over and apply magnets on the back. We used self-adhesive magnets that we picked up at the craft store. You're done!

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