Friday, February 10, 2017

Star Wars Felt Holiday Christmas Ornaments

Star Wars EWOK Christmas Ornament from Felt
My husband has been a HUGE Star Wars fan since the very first movie came out. He's in his 50's now and has been collecting Star Wars items for over 35+ years! Wow, can you believe that the franchise has been around that long? Time flies!

Over on my main blog - The Classy Chics, I received a complimentary Star Wars Collectible Felt Characters Craft Kit to review and feature. You can visit my other blog to check out my official review, purchasing information and to see additional photographs. 
Star Wars Collectible Felt Characters Craft Kit

Since receiving the craft kit, I've made 4 of the Star Wars characters. One of the things I love about this craft kit is that everything you need is included in the kit and all of the sewing and embroidery is done by hand. So, if you don't own a sewing machine or don't want to mess with one, you don't need one to complete these adorable characters!

I've been working on them one-by-one and hoping to have them all completed by the end of the year. We have a little 4 foot tall Christmas tree that we decorate in a Star Wars theme every holiday season, so I'm turning all of these felt characters into Christmas tree ornaments!
Star Wars Handmade EWOK Ornament from Felt

After I get done making a set for my husband, I want to work on additional ones and use them as toppers & ornaments on Christmas packages for the kids in our family. What's really cool about this kit is that once you run out of craft felt, go to your local craft supplies store, buy felt in the colors that you need and you can make as many as you want since the patterns & instructions are included in the kit and you can re-use them over & over again.

You can visit my main blog for the official review on the craft kit that I received. Since my readers on this blog didn't see the original review, I wanted to mention it over here too!

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