Thursday, October 20, 2016

DIY - How to Make Your Own Laminated Bookmarks

I've been really enjoying various adult coloring books as a new creative & stress-relieving outlet. During the evening hours while I'm sitting down and watching TV, I like to get out one of my adult coloring books and color in a design. When it comes to coloring, I prefer using glitter gel pens and/or metallic gel pens which gives the designs some added sparkle and shine.

One way that you can utilize those coloring book designs (once you have them finished) is by cutting out the design into strips and laminating them under plastic. You can then turn them into fancy bookmarks and give them as gifts! Matter of fact, I make them all of the time and place them inside birthday greeting cards and holiday cards when I send them out. They add NO EXTRA postage to my envelope and makes a personal little gift for the person receiving it. Here's how I make them.
How to Make Your Own Laminated Bookmarks

Colored Design from Adult Coloring Book Page
Laminating Machine with Laminating Supplies
1/4" Hole Puncher
Fiber or Ribbon
Once you have a design, pull out the page from your adult coloring book. Using a ruler, cut 2 strips each measuring 2 1/2" by 7" in length. One strip will serve as the front and the second the back of your bookmark.

Line up the 2 strips, back sides together. Lay them inside a plastic sheet and place your plastic sheet in the protective cardboard folder. Heat up your laminating machine and feed the folder through it. Remove and let it cool to remove temperature for 5 minutes. Open up the folder and remove the plastic sheet. Using scissors, cut around the edge of your bookmark, leaving an 1/8" edge. You don't want to cut on the design at all, you want your paper bookmark to remain sealed underneath the plastic.

To finish up, use the hole puncher to punch a hole at the top. Cut a 5" piece of fiber or ribbon and thread it through the hole in a loop fashion. Tie it off and you're done! Easy peasy!

If you don't own a laminating machine, most office supply stores have them and you can use them for a small fee.

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