Friday, September 30, 2016

How to Make Pierced Earrings Using Decorative Buttons

A few times every year I volunteer a couple of hours at a local assisted living center to teach quick and easy craft projects to senior aged women. All of the women at this facility are at least 70 years old and with various health problems. All of the projects that we make need to be inexpensive, easy to do and need to work up quickly.

Last week we held one of our craft classes with the women and for this particular class we made jewelry, pierced earrings to be exact and we made them using decorative buttons that you can find at your local craft supply store. Here's how we made them.

How to Make Pierced Earrings Using Decorative Buttons

2 Decorative Ceramic or Resin Buttons
2 Pierced Earring Backings
12" Piece of Twine or Embroidery Thread
Large-Eye Sewing Needle
1 Tube E6000 Adhesive
Wet Wipes or Baby Wipes

For this particular pair that I'm featuring in this blog post, we used two ceramic angel theme'd heart shaped buttons. Using scissors, cut a piece of twine or embroider floss measuring 4" long. Thread it through a large-eye sewing needle and then thread it through the button holes. Tie it off in a knot and then use the scissors to trim the ends (see photo).

Flip the buttons over and use the E6000 adhesive glue to glue the pierced earring post onto the back of each button. You only need a tiny dot of adhesive, this stuff is super strong and works great for gluing metal to plastic or ceramic. Try to NOT get it onto your skin as it can be difficult to wash off (hence the need for baby wipes and paper towels to have on standby).

Let them dry for about an hour and then put the backing onto the post, so that you don't lose them. You can use a wide variety of buttons in different materials, shapes and sizes.

Note: If you're using large enough buttons, you can make a matching coat pin or brooch by gluing a metal pin-back onto the back.

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