Thursday, July 21, 2016

Coastal Beach Seashell Candle Holders

Last month we took an extended vacation down to the Jersey Shore. We spent 2 1/2 weeks at the condo and had a wonderful time. Every time we go down...I go shelling and pick up all of the seashells, sand dollars and star fish that I find. In addition, I always bring home a small zipper closure baggie full of beach sand. I like to use these things in various craft projects & home decor projects around my home.

Last week I whipped up 6 of these very easy-to-make beach seashell candle holders to sit out around our deck and near our swimming pool for an upcoming party that we are hosting. Here's how I made them.

Coastal & Beach Seashell Candle Holders

Colored Glass Mason Jars
Battery-Operated Votive or Tealight Candles
Beach Sand
Pebbles & Seashells
Jute Rope
Glue Gun & Hot Glue

I found the colored glass mason jars at my local craft supply store for $1.00 each on sale. I also picked up battery-operated tealight candles and a roll of jute.

You can fill your jar up with beach sand, smooth pebbles that you found on the beach and small seashells. Whatever you found on vacation...use it in the jar, including small pieces of driftwood. You can fill your jars up as far as you would like. Since I am using small tealights, I filled my jars up pretty full.

I then took hot glue and glued jute roping around the neck of each of my jars...I think 6-7 rows of it. I then glued small clam shells on top of the jute roping to finish them off. You can decorate the neck opening of the jar however you would like.  You can make them simple & plain like mine (that's the way I like them) or fancy them up. You can make them all the same or vary the design & fillings to suit your own taste.

These look so pretty sitting on the tables and our deck railing during the day and at night...they look even prettier with the candlelight glow.

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