Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Craft Project - Snowman Made from Kid's Socks

Christmas is only 2 days away but one of the things I love about our next Christmas craft project is that you can make these adorable sock snowman in a variety of colors and leave them sitting out all winter long. The one I'm featuring today is decorated in red & green for the Christmas holiday, but you could change the colors to blue and silver for a wintertime theme.

I whipped up this snowman yesterday afternoon and really didn't keep any measurements. With that said, with my basic directions you'll be able to whip one up too!

Craft Project - Holiday Snowman

1 single baby sock (in a color)
1 child's sock
ribbon or homespun fabric scraps
4 round black beads
1 wooden heart, painted (we painted it dark red)
wooden toothpick (painted orange)
rice, dried beans or tiny pellets
fiberfill stuffing
sewing needle and thread
teabag and water
all-purpose glue or glue gun
cosmetic pink blush

The first thing you'll want to do is take a child' white sock and tea-dye it. We soaked our's in a solution of one brewed tea bag in 1 cup of hot water. We left it soak for about 2 hours. We then squeeze the water out and tossed it into the dryer to dry for a few minutes. We did this to make our snowman look antiqued & primitive. You could leave them white if you wanted to.

Place rice, beans or pellets into the toe portion of the sock which will add weight to him so that he stands upright. I didn't measure this out and then I added some stuffing on top. I cut the cuff off of the sock and used a sewing needle and thread to sew the opening shut. I cute a piece of green homespun fabric into a strip and tied that around the neck area (or the area that I wanted to be the neck).

I took a pair of sage green baby socks and cut the foot portion off of the sock and used just the cuff to form the snowman's hat. I did fold back the sock opening by about a 1/2" to form the rim of the hat and used a needle & sewing thread to gather up the top opening of the hat and tied it shut. I cut another smaller strip of homespun fabric and tied it into a bow...used my glue gun and glued it to the top of the snowman's hat.

To finish him up...I glued on two black beads for his eyes and I painted a wooden toothpick orange, cut it down to size and then glued that onto his face to serve as his nose. I got into my cosmetic bag and used a Q-tip dipped into my blusher to make his rosy cheeks. Finally, I painted a small wooden heart a dark red color and once it was dry...I glued that onto his chest along with two additional black beads to serve as his buttons.

I think my snowman turned out adorable and I had all of the craft supplies on hand and my daughter donated the grandchildren's socks to me to use in my various craft projects.

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jopb said...

I love how you made this adorable snowman out of children's socks and common items. I think that this would be a little too much for me to do, but perhaps in the future when I have some more leisure time.

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