Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Craft Project - Clay Pot Gingerbread Man

Christmas is just a few short days away and thankfully...this little craft project works up quickly. You can make several of these Clay Pot Gingerbread Guys and Girls in just a few short hours. All of the supplies are basic ones that you can find at your local craft supply store.

Once completed these little guys look cute sitting on shelves, on your mantle, table top, buffet table, as place card settings on your holiday table or add strings to hang them on a Christmas tree.

Craft Project - Clay Pot Gingerbread Man

3" high clay pot
2" diameter wood ball
1/8" wide white rick-rack
E6000 adhesive glue
1/4" diameter butters x3
acrylic paints (brown, black, white and pink)
paint brush, water and paper towels

Note: I found that hot glue did NOT work well at keeping these pieces perm. together. I found that using E6000 adhesive glue did the job perfectly.

Paint the outside of the clay pot and the wood ball in a solid chocolate brown color, let dry. Once your base paint has dried...paint on the gingerbread man or girl's facial features. Let dry completely before proceeding.

Once all of your paint has dried it's time to glue on the buttons and rick-rack trim, let dry. Once everything is dry...glue the head onto the body (the clay pot) and let dry overnight.

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jopb said...

This is another cute holiday craft project which most kids would love to do, perhaps as Gita for anothe family member whose name they could write on a painted apron.

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