Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DIY How to Repaint Metal Patio Chairs

Finished New Patio Chair Set
We picked up two black wrought iron patio chairs at the flea market for $5.00 each. They were in great condition but I didn't like the black color since I decorate in a beach and coastal theme. I brought them home and decided to give them a nice paint job and paint them white!

I hosed them down with our garden hose and towel dried them. I left them sit out in the sun for a good 2 hours to make sure they were 100% dry. I picked up 3 cans of white outdoor spray paint that included primer at my local Lowe's store.
Re-Painted Chair - Black to White
I lightly sprayed one coat on the chairs and left them dry for 12 hours. The next day I hit them with a second coat and left them dry for 24 hours. I also picked up 2 cans of a clear outdoor sealant and sprayed a coat of that on each chair to protect the paint finish and left them dry for another 24 hours.

At my local Christmas Tree Shop I picked up 2 round coastal print bistro chair pads which I just love! If you have never shopped that store, I highly recommend it! I get all kinds of beautiful home decor items and garden items for an affordable price every time I go in there!
New Patio Coastal Chairs!
Overall, I am very pleased with how my DIY re-painting patio chairs project turned out. For less than $40.00 I got brand new looking (and sturdy) patio chairs and chair pad cushions! Like the bird bath? Well, check back in a few weeks to see how I turned that into a patio table!!!

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jopb said...

When I saw this photo,with the bird bath I wa hoping you would describe how you redid the chairs. they do look great.

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