Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Baby Gender Reveal Party - The Balloon Box

My daughter is pregnant with baby #2 and is due late this Summer. Recently they held a baby gender reveal party at their home and revealed the sex of their new baby to all of their party guests (family and friends). She found a really cool idea online and used it at the party.

She took one of her best friends along with her to an ultrasound and had the technician print out the photo and label it if it was a boy or girl on the back. The technician placed the photo into a sealed envelope which her friend kept with her. In other words, my daughter had no idea if she was having a boy or a girl until the party!

The Balloon Gender Reveal Box

1 large cardboard box
Pink, Black and Blue Markers
Pink or Blue Helium Balloons
Pink or Blue Ribbon

The box needs to be decorated in a baby girl and baby boy theme. Her friend kept the box simple as you can see in my photo. In private...she read the contents of the envelope and place the photo back inside a new sealed enveloped and tied the envelope around one of the ribbons on one of the balloons. Depending on the sex of the baby...that will determine the color of your balloons and ribbon. In our case...all of the balloons were blue!

Seal up the can either just fold-over the flaps on the top or use a little bit of clear shipping tape but you definitely want to make sure that the balloons are securely inside the box. We also recommend that you fill up the balloons no more than 10 hours before the party as you don't want them deflated.

The box is now ready for the party and it is best to take the box outside and let the new parents open it up in front of their party guests to learn if they are having a baby boy or a baby girl! (or in some cases, one of each!).

Very inexpensive and fun! The parents loved this idea and all of the guests enjoyed it too! Most importantly, have fun at your gender reveal parties and don't stress yourself out by having elaborate & fancy parties where people can't have fun and enjoy themselves.

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jopb said...

I love this idea and wish I had thought of it before the baby shower for my grandson. It is inexpensive , but a lot of fun to do and see.

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