Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kids Crafts - Clothespin Flower Planter

A few months ago my little grand daughter made these adorable flower plants at school. All you need are a few simple supplies (you probably around have them on hand) and within 30 minutes, a new little flower or garden planter.
Kid's Crafts - Clothespin Flower Garden Planter

1 empty tuna fish can (clean and dry)
14-18 wooden clothespins
washi tape or decorative self-stick ribbon
Make sure the tuna can is clean and thoroughly dry. Have your child clip on the clothespins going around the entire circumference of the can. You want to use clothespins that are new or fairly new (nice tight ones). Once done, let them decorate their new planter!

She used decorative Washi tape but you could use self-adhesive ribbons, lace, etc. If you really want to keep them occupied let them paint the clothespins different colors with acrylic paint and let dry before clipping them around the empty tuna can.

An inexpensive & quick kid's craft project that is perfect for the classroom (school), church youth groups, daycare centers, girl scout groups, etc. You can find the wooden clothespin at the Dollar Store to keep costs down.

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