Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Spray Paint Wooden Photo Frames

I love to visit the Dollar Store and pick up little items to accent my current home decor. In addition, the Dollar Store has a lot of great crafting supplies for only a buck...and you can indeed find some great deals there.

I primarily decorate in a coastal cottage or shabby chic style. Here in my area...finding those type of decor items can be a difficult process. Most people around here decorate in a country or victorian style, totally not my taste at all.

Recently I picked up three of these wooden photo frames at my local Dollar Store. They are the perfect size for sitting on a bookshelf, table top or on a wall shelf. While I love the style of the picture frames...I did NOT like the color of the wood at all. I bought them any way and decided to repaint them myself. I picked up one can of flat white spray paint from Lowe's and I was ready to rock and roll.

Lay down an old plastic table cloth or slice open some plastic bags. Remove the glass and backing from all of your picture frames and lay them flat on the plastic. Shake up your can of spray paint and lightly spray them with the paint. Don't get too close or you will cause drip stand back about 2 feet when spraying your projects. Let the first coat dry for 1 hour. Repeat for a second coat. Let dry for 1 hour. Flip them over and repeat the entire process again.

If you want to add a little texture or crackling to your paint finish...sprinkle a little table salt onto the wood and then lightly spray your paint. I do that for some of my projects but for this particular one I didn't do the table salt technique as I wanted a nice flat white finish. Once they are completely dry, insert the glass back in, your photos and then add your back. Done!!!

In my opinion...the frames look a whole lot better being turned into white frames and next on my list is to buy some tiny 2" and 3" diameter sand dollars and starfish which I am going to glue onto the frames to decorate them. I will update this post once I complete that portion next. Enjoy!

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