Thursday, May 7, 2015

Craft Project - Metal Sand Bucket DIY Garden Planters

When it comes to decorating the inside and outside of my home I am all about the coastal and beach look. If you have ever shopped for coastal home decor, home accessories or even beach garden yard can be quite pricey! Instead, I try to make my own items as much as possible like this one that I am sharing with all of you today.

Before I get started...I want to talk to you about a product that I used to make this project. It's called a Chalk Ink Marker and I used the Chalk White color. These markers have been out in the retail marketplace since 2005 and come in at least 30 different colors. They are water-resistant, blendable markers that leave no powder residue and dry super quickly. You can use them on any non-porous surface (think metal, glass, plastic, chalkboards, etc.). The color wipes off easily with water or an ammonia-based cleaner. They are smear-proof, non-toxic, food-safe and 100% guaranteed.

DIY Metal Sand Bucket Garden Planter

1 Metal Sand Bucket
1 Plastic Liner
Chalk Ink Marker in Chalk White with 6MM Wet-Wipe Tip

Note: I picked up my metal sand bucket for $3.00 at one of those dollar-type of discount stores. I also picked up a white plastic planter liner for $1.00 at the same store that fits down inside the metal bucket.

Wash and thoroughly dry your metal bucket to make sure all debris has been removed. Shake up your Chalk Ink Markers and use them to paint designs on the outside of your bucket. For me, I like the simple look so on one side of my bucket I wrote the word "Beach" and on the other side I wrote the word "Seashells". You can draw pictures, write words or decorate your buckets with squiggle lines, circles...whatever it is that you like.

The Chalk Ink Markers dry within minutes. I made mine on a very warm day and they were completely dry within 5 minutes.

You can place a real plant or faux plant down in your new garden planter. For myself, I will be placing some ornament sea grass in mine as soon as it comes in at the nursery (I ordered some Citronella plants to keep the bugs away). Super quick and easy project!!! (post updated, see below).

This would also be a great craft project for kids to do over the summer. Just get some metal buckets and a few of the different colored Chalk Ink Markers and let them design their own! (Great birthday party kid's craft project idea too).

Disclosure: I received 2 complimentary Chalk Ink Markers to use in this project. Please visit the company's site to learn more about this product and to grab ideas on other projects that you can make. No monetary compensation was received.

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