Sunday, April 19, 2015

Party Favors: DIY Homemade Glitter Nail Polish

My 13 year old niece was having a sleepover Birthday party and I was in charge of making some party favors for the girls. The girls at this age are all experimenting with bath, body and beauty products so one of the party favors that we made were DIY nail polishes. Here is how we made them.

Party Favors: DIY Homemade Glitter Nail Polish

Bottles of Clear Nail Polish (we got ours at the dollar store)
Cosmetic-Grade Fine Glitter (in desired colors)
Funnel (made from paper)

* We purchased our cosmetic grade "fine" glitter online. You can find several web sites that sell it in a large variety of colors. We stuck with their school colors of silver, white and black.

Make a funnel from regular paper. We used cardstock. You will want the funnel to be very narrow or cut down some drinking straws that will fit through the top of your nail polish bottle. Sprinkle some of the glitter down through the funnel and into the polish bottle. You don't need a lot. Place the lid back on top and shake it well to disperse the glitter through all of the polish.

That's it, super easy! You can decorate the outside of the bottles with name tags, sating ribbons and little charms if desired.

When the girls are ready to pain their will take two coats of polish unless you add in a lot of glitter. That's entirely up to you on how much glitter you want to add. You can click on the image in this blog post which will enlarge it. Enjoy!

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