Thursday, October 2, 2014

How To Make Glow in-the-dark Bubbles

Last month we had our little grand daughter over for a sleepover and was looking for a way to keep her occupied. We headed down to our local dollar store and picked up some outdoor toys and craft supplies to keep her busy.

She wanted to make some glow in-the-dark bubbles and luckily for us, we had just picked up those supplies at the dollar store. Here is how you make them.
How to Make Glow in-the-dark Blowing Bubbles

1 bottle of blowing bubbles
1 pkg. of give glow in-the-dark glow sticks
mason jar
old t-shirt

Hubby poured half of the bubble blowing solution into a glass mason jar. He then snipped the tops off of 3 of the glow sticks and squeeze/poured out the "glow" solution into the mason jar. He then stirred it up so that the bubble blowing solution mixed up really well with the glow in-the-dark solution. You want to make sure to not splatter any of it on your clothing.

We put an old adult-sized t-shirt on our grand daughter to cover up her clothing. The solution will stain clothes but it won't hurt your grass or sidewalk so don't worry about that. Once it gets dark, let the kids lose in the yard for some bubble blowing fun!

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