Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY - Instant Chalkboard for Your Pantry

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My pantry was a royal mess until I decided to reorganize it. I bought plastic bins, new shelving, labels and all kinds of other things. Now when I walk into my kitchen pantry, I can clearly see everything that I have and everything is in its place.

With that said, I wanted an easier way to keep track of what we used (ran out of) from the pantry so that when grocery shopping day arrived, I could quickly add pantry items to my shopping list. After all, grocery shopping and list-making, are not my favorite things to do!

Recently I received a complimentary package of Scotch Tapes to help me get better organized. When I saw that roll of Scotch Chalkboard Tape, I knew immediately what I was going to do with it. Along with that tape, they also sent me a roll of the Scotch Dry Erase Tape, a box of colored chalks, a dry erase marker and an eraser.

So, let's get back to my project.

I decided to use the Scotch Chalkboard Tape to make a chalkboard inside my kitchen pantry! I got a ruler and figured out how wide and how long I wanted my chalkboard to be. I then cut strips of tape from the roll and applied them directly onto the back (inside) of my door. This took me less than 2 minutes from start to finish.

I then used a sticky plastic hook beside my new board and attached a small basket. That basket holds the box of chalk along with the eraser. Now when my family takes the last item out of the pantry to eat or drink, they write down the name of that item on the chalkboard. When grocery day rolls around, I open up the door, take a look at the list and add all of the items to my shopping list! Yay!

Over the next few weeks I will share some additional quick and easy projects with all of you that I have been doing around my home to get better organized thanks to the great folks over at Scotch! You can learn more about the new Scotch Dry Erase Tape and the Chalkboard Tape by visiting their web site online. Plus, you can pick up some fun project ideas too!

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