Monday, September 1, 2014

Kid's Crafts - DIY Plastic Water Bottle Flowers

My 5 year old grand daughter just finished up Preschool and started Kindergarten a few days ago. During her last day at Preschool the kids made these adorable DIY Water Bottle Flowers and included a small photo of themselves in the center of the flower. I think they are adorable!

If you are looking to make something similar, I suggest you check out the Water Bottle Flowers instructions on the Crafts by Amanda blog which are pretty similar to the ones that the kids made at Gia's preschool.

Like I said, Amanda's are pretty similar but you can use her instructions to create your own versions. I think they are super cute and my daughter has her's sitting on her kitchen windowsill. Gia loves seeing it sitting there as she made it for her momma!

All you need to make them is some clean & empty plastic water bottles, stickers for the base (the flower pot), small photo of your child, a clean straw with bendable neck, paints or markers to color the flower petals, fish aquarium gravel (or small pebbles), scissors & glue. A great rainy day or school project for sure!

Head on over to Amanda's blog and check out her instructions which are pretty similar to how these kids made them. In addition, you can find a ton of upcycle & recycle craft projects on Pinterest or by doing a Google search.

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