Thursday, December 26, 2013

7 Crafty Ways to Use Leftover Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper

The Christmas holiday is now over and instead of throwing away all of that used gift wrap and scrap pieces of your holiday wrap...its time to put them to some good crafty use!

I am a frugal crafter and every year I bag up that torn gift wrap and toss it all into a bag with my small scrap piece. Then throughout the winter when I am stuck inside...I get into my bag and make some new crafty items for the next holiday season.

Here are 7 craft project ideas that you can do to use up all of that Christmas gift wrapping paper instead of tossing it away!

* Homemade Bookmarks - Takes those scraps and turn them into holiday bookmarks! Cut from cardboard or cardstock rectangular shapes that measure 1 3/4" by 6" in length. Use a hole puncher and punch a hole on one end. Cut the paper to measure the width and length of the cardstock and glue one piece onto each side. Use yarn or ribbon and thread through the hole to make a bow or tassel.

* Decoupage Vase - Save old clear glass vases and jars. Rip the scraps into odd shapes measuring no large than 3" in size. Use decoupage and adhere them to the outside of a glass vase or jar. Let dry and then cover with a top coat of the decoupage medium, let dry for 24 full hours. You now have a holiday vase or container for next year! If using jars, save the lids and use them for gifts in a jar!

* Gift Tags - From cardboard or cardstock cut pieces that measure 4" in size. Cut from gift wrap a piece that measures 4" in size. Use quick drying glue and a foam brush to adhere the paper to one side of the cardstock. Let dry. Fold the square in half or using a scoring tool to score it down the center, fold. Use a hole punch to turn it into a gift tag. Use scraps of ribbon or yarn through the hole so you can attach your new tags to package boxes or onto gift bags.

* Gift Bags - Purchase solid color gift bags at your local party supply store. Cut shapes and designs out of your scrap gift wrap and glue it onto the bags using a quick drying glue and a foam brush. Let dry for several hours. You can place your design just on the front of the bag or continue it around all four sides.

* Cardboard Boxes - Save all of your small and medium sized boxes along with their lids. Cut shapes and/or designs out of the gift wrap and glue them onto all sides and the lid of the box in a pleasing design using quick drying glue and a foam brush. Let dry. You now have pretty gift boxes for next year all ready to go!

* Tall Glass Candle Holders - Recycle or buy clear glass cylinder candle holders at your local dollar store. Use decoupage medium and a foam brush to glue on shapes, designs and patterns from the gift wrap onto the glass candle holder. Let dry. Use the decoupage medium to add a top coat across your design and let dry for 24 hours. You now have pretty holiday candle holders for next year.

* Scrapbooking & Cardmaking - Purchase a bottle of archival mist and lightly mist your scraps of Christmas gift wrapping paper. Let dry for 24 hours. You can now cut up those scraps and use them safely in your scrapbooks or use them in your cardmaking to make scrapbook layouts or new holiday cards.

Hope you enjoy these project ideas! If you have any other frugal craft project ideas or Trash to Treasure craft project ideas that you want to share with me and my readers, please feel free to leave me a comment below & I will contact you. Enjoy!

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