Monday, October 14, 2013

Ghost Made from Mini Clay Flower Pot - Halloween Craft Project

Terracotta Flower Pot Ghost
Last weekend I had some time to sit down and do some Fall and Halloween crafting. I had enough supplies on-hand to make this adorable Ghost made from a mini terra cotta flower pot, wooden ball, craft foam and a few other basic crafting supplies. In one afternoon I was able to whip up three of these in just a matter of a few hours and most of that time was spent waiting for the acrylic paint to dry.

Supplies Needed:

3" tall clay flower pot
1 1/4" diameter wood ball
white, black and orange craft foam
hot glue gun and glue sticks
string mini black beads
black marker
white acrylic paint and foam paint brush
small scrap satin ribbon (for hat trim)
small amount of embroidery floss 

Lay newspaper down on your work surface. Using the foam paint brush, paint the clay pot (terra cotta flower pot) white and the wooden ball. Let dry completely. Sketch out some ghost arms in a wing shape on plain paper, Cut it out with scissors and use as your pattern. I simply just played around with my sketch until I had it the size that I wanted. Trace the shape onto white craft foam and cut it out. From black craft foam cut out a 2" circle to serve as the base of the ghost's hat. Then cut out a strip to make the hat and a smaller top circle. I completely free-handed mine until they were the size that I needed. Glue the three black craft foam pieces together to form a hat. Note: I found that craft glue worked well too if you don't have hot glue.

I drew the letters B O O onto orange craft foam and cut them out. Use a black maker to make the ghost's eyes, mouth, bow tie and belt. Let dry for a few minutes to prevent smearing. Glue the satin ribbon around hat and then glue the hat on top of the round wooden bead. Let dry. Glue ghost's head onto the top of the clay pot, let dry. Glue ghost's arms/wings onto the back side of the clay pot, let dry. Measure the length that you need from the black mini beads. Use embroidery floss & a needle to attach the letters onto the strand of black beads to make a garland. Glue garland to the ghost's arms as shown in the photo above.

Note: If children are helping you to make these clay pot ghosts, I would suggest using a quick-drying all-purpose craft glue instead of a glue gun. It will take a little long to make them but it's much safer then letting kids use hot glue guns.

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