Thursday, October 10, 2013

INSTACRAFT - Fun and Simple Projects for Adorable Gifts, Decor & More Book Review

I love to craft and do all kinds of different crafts. One of my favorite crafting mediums is when I can take something I normally toss out and turn it into something new. It's a great way to recycle, reuse and keep the costs of crafting down.

Recently I was sent a new craft project book to review for all of you. The book is called "INSTACRAFT" by Alison Caporimo. This craft book focuses on fun & simple projects for adorable gifts, home decor and more! ISBN: 978-1-61243-236-6 with the suggested cover price of US $16.95 and Canada $19.95.

Book Synopsis: Super cute, surprisingly easy crafts! Whether you're a crafting pro or newbie, this book shows you how to turn five minutes, a few simple items and your own creativity into stylish, personalized stuff! Including: brick bookends, berry personalized stationery, faux French lockets, sweetheart sugar jars, traveling globes, takeout container lanterns,  paint-swatch key hooks, pantone placements, time capsule terrariums, fond memories wrapping paper and so much more!

This is a soft-cover 128 page book with color photographs of the completed projects. Each of the projects includes a materials list, directions and various tips to help you complete a beautiful looking craft project. I love that all of the materials needed are simple materials (many you have on-hand and others can be found in any general craft supply store). All of the directions are easy to understand so even a beginner can make every single project inside this book.
One of my favorite projects is on page 101 and it's called the Bright Light Ornaments. For this project you simply need some glitter, old burned out light bulbs, wire, glue and a paint brush. What a great idea to turn your old glass light bulbs that you normally throw away into gorgeous Christmas and holiday ornaments!!! I will be saving all of my old light bulbs from now on and making these for sure!
My second favorite project in this craft book is on page 89 and it's called the Tic Tac Spice Rack to Go. We do a lot of traveling and I am always dragging around full-size containers of spices. For this project you simply need 5 empty plastic Tic Tac boxes, double-sided tape, your spices, Washi tape and nail polish remover. Super cute, easy to make and practical! We travel a lot and this project is definitely on my to-do list too!

This is a super cute book and I am looking forward to making several of the projects included in the book. Some of them have even sparked additional projects ideas in me! You can find this fabulous craft book on and I highly suggest you pick up a copy today because on Amazon it is only a little bit over $13.00 to own! Yay!

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