Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Duct Tape Decor: New Fall Looks with Easy & Affordable Craft Ideas from Country Woman

As the trees change hue this autumn, it’s the perfect season to turn over a new leaf when it comes to your home goods and accessories.
No need to spend a fortune on this fall makeover. Country Woman magazine has unwrapped some excellent ideas for an easy, innovative Duct Tape Craft Party. We’re not talking about those boring, gray tape rolls—an array of today’s brightly colored, vivid patterned duct tape as well as newer Japanese paper tape (washi) and fabric tape is all you’ll need to update everything from your picture frames to your glasses.

Here’s how to craft this party that’s sure to stick in your guests’ memories:

·         Have each friend bring several rolls of tape, along with an object to revive. You provide more tape, rulers (for measuring), scissors, an X-acto knife, disposable gloves, and a table or other clean, flat surface to work on. 

·         Before you get started, take pictures of each guest and their item. That way you’ll have something to compare the “after” shots of your guests’ completed duct tape crafts to.

  • Set the mood with the right music and play songs like “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland, “Let’s Stick Together” by Bryan Ferry and “Stuck on You” by Elvis Presley.

  • Keep up the theme with your party treats! Try delicious, slightly sticky snacks like Honey-Glazed Snack Mix, Confetti Caramel Corn, Banana Sticky Buns or Rhubarb Sticky Buns.

  • And of course the crafts:
    • Easy Embellished Frame: Updating your picture frames has never been easier. Simply add a variety of colored tapes to give them a brand new look!
    • Mirror Makeover: Add patterned tape to a mirror’s frame to give it a stylish, seemingly textured façade.
    • Glammed up Glasses: More fun than glass charms, washi tape lets you individualize your cups for any occasion.
    • Fashionable, Wallet-Friendly Purse: Use duct tape as the “fabric” for a bright and sturdy purse. 
You can find these ideas and more by visiting We would like to thank Country Woman Magazine for sharing these crafty ideas with our Passionate About Crafting blog readers. Enjoy!

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