Monday, September 30, 2013

Clay Pot Scarecrow Craft Project for Fall and Halloween

I love decorating the inside and outside of my home for the Fall holidays, don't you? Well today, we got a great craft project for all of you! Even if you are not a big crafter, you can make this adorable Clay Pot Scarecrow in just one afternoon or weekend!

You can use hot glue and a glue gun to glue them together but if you find they are not staying put, try using some E6000 glue/adhesive.

Clay Pot Scarecrow

Four 2" clay pots
Two 1 1/2" clay pots
Two 1" diameter wood balls
One 4" clay pot
One 3" clay pot
One straw hat
Acrylic Paint: Royal Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Silver, Flesh (peach), Gold and Brown
Paint Brush
Clear Acrylic Sealer (comes in spray can)
Hot Glue and Glue Gun

You can paint your clay pots any way that you would like or follow my photo for some guidance. Once they are done drying, spray them with the acrylic sealer, it dries clear and will protect the paint. Let dry.

Glue together two 2" pots for each leg. Glue the wooden balls inside the clay pot for each arm (they form the hands). Glue the arms to the side of the 4" clay pot to form his body, arms and hands. Once dry, glue this pot onto the top of his legs. Glue his head onto the top of his body and then glue his straw hat on top. Make sure everything is glued solidly and is nice and firm. Tie a bow around his neckline using the raffia (resembles straw). Let him completely dry before using him. Enjoy!

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