Friday, September 20, 2013

Halloween Craft Project - Ghost Sitting in Mini Tote Craft Project Idea

Back in the Fall of 2012, I made up several of these Ghost's sitting in mini tote Halloween decorations and gave them to some of my family & friends. Today, I thought I would share the craft & sewing project with all of you.

Mini Tote Bag

1 pre-made 4" by 5" muslin mini tote bag
orange, black & green fabric markers
6" square black lace
orange satin ribbon
glue gun

I started with a muslin mini tote bag that I had purchased at the craft store. I then used the fabric markers to make my design onto the front of the tote...which varies from each one that I made. This one has a pumpkin and the words Trick or Treat. I used my hot glue gun to glue the piece of black lace (black lace square) down into the bottom of the mini tote with just a few inches of it peeking up from the opening & sides. You need to be careful to NOT glue your tote bag shut because your muslin ghost will sit inside the tote once done. Use the orange satin ribbon and tie a bow around one of the tote's handles.

Muslin Ghost

2 pieces of muslin fabric 7" tall by 6" wide
black fabric marker
7" piece of jute rope
poly-fiberfill stuffing
sewing machine, white thread

I made my own ghost pattern and simply drew a ghost shape onto a piece of paper. I traced my pattern onto each piece of muslin and then cut it out using fabric scissors. I used my sewing machine and sewed around the edges, leaving about 2" open at the buttom. Turn the ghost right-side out and stuff with fiberfill stuffing. Sew or hot glue your opening shut. Use your black fabric marker to make 2 eyes and a mouth on the front of your ghost. Tie the piece of jute rope around his waistline and fasten or tie it close in the back. Place your new muslin ghost inside your mini tote bag and either hang it up or sit it on a table or shelf. Cute and very easy to make! Enjoy!

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