Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Scrapbooking | Forever Yours Romantic Vacation Scrapbook Layout

Back in April of 2012 my husband and I took a mini vacation to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary. We decided to head north and stay in a resort that was small but surrounded by mountains. Our room was perfect, very roomy and included a jacuzzi tub! I made a few scrapbook layouts from our romantic vacation and will be sharing them here on my crafting blog over the next few weeks.

The Title for this scrapbook layout is... "Forever Yours".

My background is made up of 2 different print sheets of scrapbooking paper. The base is a mauve print and the right side strip is a dark gray print with slanted lines and tiny dots. I felt that sheet was manly looking while the mauve sheet was girly. I slightly cropped down the 3 photos on the left and decided to not mat them and let the dark gray print paper serve as their mat/frame. From dark mauve paper I cut a strip that measures 1/8" by 12" and ran that along the edge of the dark gray paper where it meets the mauve paper to serve as a divider strip.

I had a cardstock cutout that says "Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one" printed on it. I matted that onto dark mauve paper and then again onto the dark gray paper and trimmed around it to frame it up. I had a fleur de lis cutout and did the same thing to that. I then used foam adhesive dots and placed the two pieces together to form my own 3-D embellishment on the top left of the page.

I slightly cropped down the photo of the jacuzzi tub and placed a file folder tab on the top of the photo and simply labeled it as "The Jacuzzi". I used a coordinating cardstock tag underneath that and put a Forever Yours sticker on top of that. I ran sheer pink ribbon through the tag and then anchored the tag to the page using dark red metallic heart shaped brads. I also put 2 corner pieces on the top left and bottom left corners of the page to finish that off.

I decided to do my journaling on the backside of this layout. What I wanted to say was private and just between hubby and I so...I did it on the backside so that when people look through my scrapbook, they won't see it :)

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