Sunday, August 5, 2012

How To Properly Clean Rubber Stamps

I use rubber stamps in a lot of my crafting projects from scrapbooking to cardmaking and I had to learn the hard way on how to properly clean my rubber stamps. If you don't take the time to clean them each and every time you use them, they will not last long! In addition, you won't get as nice stamped images from dirty and worn out stamps as you get when you use clean and properly cared for rubber stamps.

Here is how you should be cleaning your rubber stamps and you need to do it after each use!

After using your rubber stamp it is important to grab a scrap piece of paper and stamp off as much ink as possible. Once you have completed that, grab a baby wipe and wipe down all sides of the rubber stamp to remove as much ink and/or paint as possible.

For the next part of the cleaning process you will need two clean cotton cloths, liquid dishwashing soap and some water. Place one to two drops of liquid dish soap onto your rubber stamp and rub your fingers over the stamp while holding it under running water. It is best to not submerge your rubber stamps! Once you have removed the ink, rinse completely and then towel dry with the second cotton cloth. If you decide to let your rubber stamp air-dry, it is best to keep the rubber part facing up and the wooden or plastic handle (back part) facing down on the cotton cloth.

The Don'ts: You should never use harsh chemical cleaning products on rubber stamps as they can cause the rubber to split, crack and craze. Do not use toothbrushes or other types of scrubbing brushes to scrub your stamps as they can damage the surface. You should never store your rubber stamps in moisture-rich or severely dry environments and you should always protect them from extreme heat, cold and direct sunlight.

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