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How to Make a Tutu :: Quick and Easy Instructions

How to Make a Tutu
By Mariana Patrick

I've always dreamed of having daughters and doing crafts with them. I grew up with crafts all around me and I knew it was something I wanted for my daughters. I knew I wanted to create a lifelong bond with them and what better way to do that by coming up with an activity they'll always remember doing with their mommy. I never thought it would be to make tutus. Now that my oldest daughter is 6, I'm beginning to teach her the basics of making a tutu.

I was having trouble thinking of a birthday theme for her and she came up to me and said to have a tutu making party! Why didn't I think of that? It's the perfect theme and the perfect activity because the girls will learn a new skill and have a party favor to take home!


Cost of Roll/spool: $2-$3 (you'll need 2, maybe 3).

Precut elastic and sew ends together for waistband or use an elastic headband instead of sewing.

Precut the tulle strips days before the party. To save time, lay a cutting mat down and roll out at least three rolls evenly on top of each other. Start at the 0" mark on the mat and measure out the strip length. Let's say you want the tutu to be 10" long... cut about 22" to compensate for the knot you will be tying. Place a quilters lip edge ruler where you will be making your cut. Carefully roll your rotary cutter over the tulle fabric using the ruler's edge as a guide to make sure you have a straight cut. You will need to cut about three to four strips of tulle for each inch of waistband.

FOR THE PARTY and for each guest making a tutu:

Step 1: Slip your elastic waistband around a paper towel roll that will hold the elastic in place. If the elastic fits loosely around the paper towel roll, use sewing pins to cinch up the elastic until it fits snug.

Step 2: Have the girls fold a strip in half and bring it behind the elastic waistband to form a loop.

Step 3: Bring the ends of the tulle strip up and through the loop and pull the ends down to tighten. Make sure they don't pull it too tight as it can overstretch the waistband.

Step 4: Continue tying slipknots or show them how to tie regular double knots around the entire waistband. They will probably use about 60 strips of tulle. Try to tie at least 3 knots per inch of your waistband measurement.

Step 5: The fun part!!! Embellish. Supply them with tons of embellishments... Glue or pin flowers an tie ribbon around the waistband. And there you have a finished tutu and a successful birthday activity!

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