Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Learning to Play the Game of Golf

My 45th birthday is coming up in June and this year I decided that I wanted to do something new for my birthday. Since I am trying to become more healthy and get more physical activity, I decided to learn how to play golf.

My husband has been playing golf for 15 years now and I am hoping to join him out on the golf course once I complete a few necessary lessons. Last weekend my hubby took me out shopping to look for a good set of golf clubs and after trying out a few in the store, I finally decided on a nice set that is specifically made for women golfers.

While we were at the sporting goods store my husband treated himself by purchasing two new golf drivers for himself. In addition, the store had this little kid's golf club set with the cutest little golf clubs and balls that we picked up for our Grand-Wee-One who will be celebrating her third birthday later this month. We think she will love it!

Now that I have my new set of golf clubs, I will have to find some time to sit down and crochet some golf covers to fit over my new golf clubs to protect them. After all, golf clubs are expensive and I want to keep them looking nice for as long as I can.

Do any of you play golf? If so, what is your handicap? In addition, do any of you have any crochet or sewing patterns for golf club covers or know where I might find some patterns for them? Thanks for your help ladies!