Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scrapbooking | Toddler Girl Fall and Halloween Scrapbook Layout Idea

I am finally just getting around to scrapbooking my grand daughters fall and Halloween photos from last year. You can click on the photos in this post to enlarge them to see the details. I had 4 photos of my grand-wee-one that I wanted to use in the layout. I cropped 3 of them down to a smaller size and matted them onto dark olive green and dark red cardstock, leaving an 1/8" edge around each mat. For the 4th photo, I used my small trimming scissors and cut her out of the photo.

The layout was done on a 12x12 piece of mustard yellow textured cardstock. I then had a sheet of leaf print scrapbooking paper and cut two corner pieces out of that sheet and glued them onto my cardstock to make my own background. I then placed my 3 matted photos onto the layout next using glue dots.

I used a leaf punch and from cardstock I punched out 2 yellow leafs and 2 pale orange leafs that measure 1" in size. I chalked around their edges with dark brown chalk to add depth. I then over-lapped them together using glue. I placed one set under the bottom photo and wrote on them Oct. 2010. I placed the other set under the top right photo and wrote FALL on those. I used foam dots to place them onto the layout to add depth & interest.

I cut out my own journaling block from medium orange and light orange cardstock. I inked around the edges with black ink. I did the journaling in my own handwriting and glued it onto the layout in the top left corner. I placed adhesive foam dots onto the back of the cut-out photo of my grand-wee-one and placed the bottom third of that photo onto the journaling block.
I had a self-adhesive border that was in a fall leaf pattern and cut it down to measure 1/2" by 5" and 1/2" by 5 1/2" in size. I placed one of those along the right edge of the top right photo and placed the other one underneath the bottom left photo to add interest. I accented the left side of the bottom photo with 3 pumpkin stickers that I attached with foam dots.

I had a package of "real" dried leaves from Leaving Prints (tm) and glued a few of those onto my layout using a glue pen. They were too delicate for glue dots (ripped one of them). I layered a green leaf with a yellow leaf using a glue pen and placed it underneath the bottom right photo. I then wrote "FALL FUN" onto it to serve as my small title block of the page.

The photos are of my grand daughter during the end of October and early November and they worked well together and I got them all onto one page. Overall, I am very pleased with how this layout turned out. You can click on the photos in this post to enlarge them to see all the details. Thanks for reading my craft blog!