Wednesday, April 25, 2012

American Girl Dolls Make Great Birthday Presents

I have always loved dolls and I admit, I have a small collection of beautiful dolls sitting in my curio cabinet. There is just something fun and wonderful when it comes to collecting dolls, playing with dolls and displaying the dolls in your home.

My little grand daughter is just like me and is passionate about dolls. Her birthday is coming up the end of May and she asked me to purchase her two American Girl Dolls for her birthday gift this year.

I had never heard of American Girl Dolls before, so I hopped online and looked them up. Oh my gosh, they are just totally adorable! What is really cool about these particular dolls is that they can be displayed and can be played with.

There are all kinds of American Girl Dolls and each one has a name and fits a particular theme. They are dressed super cutely and most of the time their clothing represents the theme they are portraying. Their little facial features are just too sweet!

I haven't decided on which one to get for my grand daughter just yet, but I am definitely going to honor her Birthday wish and get her one this year. Do any of you own any of the American Girl Dolls and if so, which ones?