Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wedding Album

This guest post from Hong Alexander

I was really disappointed when I got our wedding album back from the photographer last year. I felt like he hadn’t taken enough pictures and that the album was much smaller than what we had discussed. Luckily, I had the rights to the photographs and had everything saved on CDs. When I got our album back and was so disappointed, I immediately logged onto using our wireless internet connection and uploaded all of the pictures from the wedding. I started creating my own wedding book. By the time I was finished with it only a couple of days later, I was amazed at how quickly the book came in. The book came in within a week and was really high quality. I had to give myself props because I thought that the book was really well laid out. My husband agreed and loved the way that it looked. I ended up ordering another two copies: one for my parents and one for his parents. We are going to give them as Christmas gifts this year. I am really excited because I think they will be really happy with it!