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The Wax For Your Candle Making Hobby

The Wax For Your Candle Making Hobby
By Carmen Lake

Many candle makers nowadays look for a more variety and are willing to experiment on how to make better and quality candles. The starting point for the candle makers is always deciding on what kind of wax they are going to use for the candles they want to make. This is to say that wax is one of the most important ingredients in the candle making process.

Petroleum is the main ingredient of the most commonly used wax, which is the paraffin wax and it is available anywhere, anytime in any stores. But if you are concerned with the environment, there are natural waxes and those are made from plants and vegetables such as palm, soy and bayberry.

Soy based wax is the most popular among the other natural waxes. To make this wax, hydrogenated soybeans are being processed. Soybeans are abundant in the United States for the most part in Iowa, Indiana and Illinois. Another natural wax is made from palm and they are abundant in Malaysia and Indonesia. But most of their rainforests are clearing out and because of that the natural habitats of most animals are now mostly gone. Because of this incidence, the World Wide Fund produced the organization called the RSPO. Their main concern is about the cultivation and sustaining the palm trees and most countries agreed and are involved with this organization. So, it is much better to use natural based wax for your candles.

Another natural type of wax is beeswax; it is mainly made from animals. Waxes that come from natural resources are becoming more popular nowadays such as beeswax because most people today are becoming more concerned with the environment. Candles that are made from beeswax can come in colors white or yellow and they are much more expensive because of the fragrant it will have and it also cannot be melted easily.

One alternative material in candles is gel. Although its texture is similar to rubber it is not really a wax. You can have them in three different densities which are really dependent on the type of candle that you want to have. The density is also affected by the amount of fragrance you put in it.

You will have no problems in making good and different variety of candles because you have many options to choose from in terms of the types of wax. Candle making could be an accomplishment for some people because of the beauty that they make out of these waxes.

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