Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scott's® Snap® Spreader System for your Lawn

This is a partnered post written by me on behalf of Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last fall and winter has been extremely hard on both of our front and back yards thanks to the massive amount of rain and storms that we received. Now that spring is just around the corner we want to repair our yards and get them looking beautiful again.

Scotts® Snap® Spreader System is something we are considering purchasing because I have a total of 5 brown and bald patches throughout my front and back yards that need to be fixed up with some new beautiful green grass. Did you know that your grass is a breathing live plant and it needs to be fed and nourished properly so that it can grow beautifully? I knew that but I have never taken the time to do it so this year I want to get busy nourishing my lawn with the proper "food" that it needs to look beautiful once again.

The Scotts Snap Spreader System is really easy to use, you simply snap, lock and go! I love that because I don't have time to mess around reading lengthy instructions or installing complicated things. It is a no mess, no guess and easy to use system that everyone can use! The Snap Pac connects quickly and easy to the Snap Spreader so there is no cutting, no opening and no pouring from heavy bags that can hurt your back. Great for those of us with mobility issues too! It has a unique EdgeGuard feature where it keeps in on your lawn and not on the areas you don't want it to be. When you are all done feeding your lawn the bag will self-seal once removed making it super easy to store until the next time you need it.

Right now if you like Snap perks on Facebook you can get in on their new "perks" program which started on March 7th, 2012 and earn some special perks from Scotts and the Snap Spreader System. Plus, they will be hosting some giveaways over on their Facebook page and you might just end up winning a prize or two!

I am really looking forward to working on our front and back yards now that the nasty winter weather is over and the nicer spring temperatures have finally arrived. I got big plans for our yards this year and it's time I properly take care of them so that they can look beautiful once again.

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