Sunday, March 11, 2012

Candy Bar Baby Shower Party Favors

I just had to show you all this picture of some candy bar baby shower favors that were made for my nieces baby shower a few weeks ago. Aren't they cute? Her mother purchased them from a crafty seller online and had the wrappers custom printed. The front of the candy bars has my nieces name (first, middle & last name). By the time you all see this post she will have been borned!

I love how my sister-in-law then hand wrote thank you messages (thank you for attending the shower) onto pink paper, rolled them up like a scroll and used glue dots to stick the paper scrolls to the corner of each candy bar wrapper.

I think they are too cute and so much cuter than those plain candy bars you see at showers these days! Congrats on the new baby girl Ashley!

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