Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scrapbooking | Using Broken Vintage Jewelry to Accent Your Scrapbook Layouts

A few months ago I went to the Flea Market and came across a huge ziploc baggie full of vintage jewelry that the seller only wanted $2.00 for. This was a gallon sized plastic bag that was totally full. Some of the jewelry pieces are broken, some of it was heavily used or missing rhinestones or whatever...but at least 1/2 of that bag was in perfectly fine condition. (NOTE: Click on photos in this post to enlarge them to see the details).

I purchased the bag full of jewelry because I knew I could tear the pieces a part and use them on some of my scrapbooking layouts or in various other types of crafting projects. I love adding "bling" to my layouts and its an inexpensive embellishment when you buy them by the bag full at a yard sale or flea market.
A few months ago I made this scrapbooking layout which features Christmas photos of my precious grand daughter opening up her holiday gifts. I did the layout in blue & white since she was wearing a Cinderella princess dress in the photos which happened to be baby blue in color. Trying to find Holiday embellishments in a pretty blue was near impossible so I made my own!

I used a broken rhinestone earring to accent the holiday stocking (on the cuff) and another broken rhinestone earring to accent the package (bottom right corner). I simply used wire cutters to remove the earring backings.I then had 2 clear rhinestone vintage pins (brooches) which I removed their backings and attached one on the top left corner of the left photograph and one on the top right corner of the right photograph using a liquid glue pen.

I think these broken vintage jewelry pieces look fabulous on this scrapbook page as I wanted to add some "bling" to the page to go along with our Christmas Cinderella Princess Theme. I kept the rest of my embellishments minimal as I wanted the photos and the "bling" to be the center of attention.

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