Friday, February 3, 2012

How To Make A Three-Layer Scrapbook Diaper Cake

Scrap booking and diaper cakes meet with a winning combination.

You will want to watch Barb's cool YouTube Video:

This three layer cake can be easily modified to fit any theme for Baby. Tried of the same ole diaper cakes? Do you love scrap booking and just itching to try something new? You'll just love creating a cake like this then. There are no rules to bind you, just use your imagination! If you can dream it , you can make it! The recipient of this gift will be amazed because it will be one of a kind, you simply ask the baby shower giver what the New-Mom -To Be theme is and create, go wild!It's fun!

Items used to make the cake are:

Poster broad or you may use card stock if you can find pieces large enough
White rosebuds
Pink paint
Chalked ink (pink) to stamp on lace flowers.
Hand sewn lace flowers ( either purchase them on Ebay, or make them.I made mine and it's simple.You can find instructions on Youtube.
Diapers -size one "luvs"
Mixed color of shred to match theme.
Double sided tape
Hot glue

To construct your cake, you'll need to cut three and a half strips of poster broad.
Bottom layer - takes one and a half lengthwise and 5 1/2 inches in height.

Second layer-takes one strip and you want to make this one 5 inches in height and about 6 inches round ( you may cut some off) Just hold the ring over bottom layer and eyeball where to cut off excess.You just want to make sure the second layer will not overlap bottom layer.( Think cake when eyeballing it:)

Third layer- takes about a little over a half of the strip and should be 4 1/2 inches in height and about 5 inches in roundness.It's always best to cut a little over than be short, then just eyeball how far to take in end of strip to make sure the layer does not overlap the second layer.

Next take your fabric and measure out enough fabric to cover strips, but leave an inch or so bare on one end of each strip.Next wrap and secure fabric on the inside of strips with double sided tape ( no one is going to see the inside) You may iron the fabric too. Check once again where you'll secure both ends together to form a ring, or layer. Take a strip of double sides tape and put on end of poster broad, insert that end into the other side where the fabric is and hold a few seconds till secure.

Embellish them now with your flowers, strips of lace or whatever you choose, let dry good.Next you'll add diapers. Make sure you pack the diapers in tight so there is no room to move ( Very important). Complete all three layer. Stack them and add shred, and your done!

You may also want to position your bottom layer on a cake plate before adding the other layers! Most of all have fun and create!

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