Monday, February 27, 2012

Butterfly Theme Baby Diaper Cake

My 26 yr. old daughter has finally taken an interest in crafting and today I am sharing a photo of a diaper cake (the second one she has ever made) with all of you. She made this butterfly theme'd diaper cake for my nieces baby shower last weekend. I think it is totally cute!

She did an excellent job making it and as a crafty mommy myself...I am very proud of her! She found these sparkly butterfly wings from a child's costume shop and put them on the backside of the cake...totally cool! Sorry the photo isn't too great but trust me...the baby diaper cake is absolutely gorgeous!

Everyone who was at the baby shower remarked how cute it was and my daughter has been getting orders to make more since that time! She has surprised me with her creativeness when it comes to making homemade baby diaper cakes!

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