Monday, January 9, 2012

Shopping for New Custom-Made Stamps to Use in My Crafting Projects

If you have been following my blog for awhile now you will have already figured out that I am a big paper crafts type of person. I am very passionate about scrapbooking and making homemade greeting cards so I go through a lot of stamps and inking products.

One of the things I have been wanting to purchase has been a few custom stamps for some of my paper craft projects! I would love to have a new custom stamp that says "Handmade by Shelly" made up so that is probably first on my list of stamps to get this year.

Since my daughter and I both scrapbook and often scrapbook together I would like to get us some signature stamps as I think they are totally cool! I think they would be fabulous to use on our scrapbook layouts, handmade greeting cards or even on a few of our ATC trading cards. I love that you can get these in a self-inking style so you don't even have to mess with separate ink pads to use them.

I went to a few offline retail stores here in my area to search for these two styles of custom stamps and none of our local stores had any for sale. Geesh, go figure! I then decided to get online and look on the internet for custom discount stamps and I found several nice places online that sell them for an affordable price. Yeah me, I love shopping online & finding exactly what I want!

I think when I order my custom stamps that I will also go ahead and order a new address stamp and a new banking stamp "for deposit only" as both of those will help me out with my home-based business. I love the various styles and types you can get with those these days!

So...if you are a crafter like me and can't find any custom stamps in your local really should check out the retailers online because they have a bigger selection of stamps and frankly, they are so much cheaper than our local craft supply stores!

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