Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cafe Well: The Social Network to help you get fit and to stay healthy

This is a compensated post written by me on behalf of Cafe Well. All opinions are 100% mine.

Normally I do not discuss health topics here on my craft blog but since it is a new year and I know many of my readers make New Year's Eve resolutions to get more active, fit and to loose weight so today I am making an exception and going to talk to you about the social networking site called Cafe Well. This wonderful social network offers corporate wellness programs that really work and both companies and participants are loving it!

Cafe Well is sponsored by HealthAmerica and Race to the Moon represents a wellness program that is both fun and rewarding to participants. Each member is offered a free wireless pedometer which tracks their steps and rewards them for those steps and milestones! We all love rewards because that is what motivates us to get up off the sofa and to move around!

Race to the Moon works and in just under 1 month the program participants walked over 50 million steps, wow, what an accomplishment that is! You can find all of the information over at Cafe Well so that you can participate and I think this program is so successful because you can interact with other participants over on their site to get some additional support and tips. Social networking online is where folks are and where folks get their support these days and you can get support there too!

If I was to create a challenge it would be to eat more healthy foods as both my husband and I like to indulge way too much in unhealthy foods which is packing the pounds onto us. I am already an avid walker so where I need to make a change is in my eating.

I hope you head on over to Cafe Well and check out the program information as I think you will really like what you see. Good Luck!

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