Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tips for Putting Together a Baby Shower

Tips for Putting Together a Baby Shower by O Quinn

More well liked than bridal showers baby showers are almost a necessity as baby’s needs can break the bank.

Here’s how to make it fun for all guests.

It is considered in bad taste for the pregnant mother or any of her relatives to throw the shower. Ask a close friend to throw one instead.

Let your guests know if the baby’s gender is already known. If it’s not known let the guests know in the shower invitation so they can shop accordingly (if they would be so kind).

Decorate the baby shower with baby accessories which are then presented to the expectant mother or couple at the end of the baby shower.

Diaper cakes, while ever so popular, are also practical because they are made from cloth diapers and decorated with baby accessories. These items will become well used once the baby is born.

Do include the father in the baby shower if at all possible. Many men turn their noses up at the word “baby shower” but this can be made fun so they are not upset they came. Also if the father is part of the shower invite other males so he is not left out.

Don’t overwhelm your baby shower guests with games. More than five and it’s overkill. These are not toddlers who need you to direct their day. Some other ideas can be let the guests mingle with each other and the guest of honor. Have an activity where the guests each write out a lovely piece of baby wisdom on decorative cards to give the mom-to-be. She can read them aloud once they are done and keep them in a decorative tin for future reminiscing.

Some fun baby shower games include...

Word scramble: Scramble up words of baby items and give your guests a few minutes to figure out what they are. Make them hard words too. Don’t let them off easy with words such as crib or bottle.

Guess the baby accessory: Find some not so common baby items and have people guess what they are used for.

Ask questions from common childhood stories. Such as “What was the second pig’s house made out of in the Three Little Pigs?” or “Who were the three lazy characters in The Little Red Hen?”.
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