Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tutorial | Xyron 5" Creative Station Machine | Make Your Own Stickers!

I have been crafting for over 25+ years and one of my favorite crafting mediums is scrapbooking! I have an entire room set up in my home devoted to just that...scrapbooking! One of my favorite and MUST HAVE products is the Xyron 5" Creative Station machine. This is actually the second one that I own and I just love it!!! You can create your own stickers, magnets and laminate your own items yourself and do so inexpensively.
Today I thought I would show the newbie scrapbookers how easy this Xyron machine is to use. When you purchase one it will come loaded with adhesive and you can purchase refill rolls of the adhesive as you need it. Today...I cut out some letters using my Cricut from pink cardstock and I am turning them into stickers for a scrapbooking layout.
Once you have your item ready to simply feed them into the front of the machine. You will want to make sure they are flat so that they go in the machine smoothly. I feed mine in carefully two at a time (2" sized letters) to save space on the adhesive sheet.
Once you start feeding them in, slowly turn the handle on the side so that it moves them into the machine and onto the adhesive sheet. Continue feeding your items into the machine and turning the handle after each addition until all of your items are in and you can see them coming out the back side of the machine. There is a metal rigid cutter on the back (like what you find on aluminum foil packages) and simply just rip your strip of stickers off.
Now your stickers are ready to be peeled from the adhesive sheet and used in your scrapbooking layouts or on your cards. I also like to place them on gift bags and gift wrap. See...wasn't that easy? Investing in the Xyron 5" Creative Station Maker is a huge savings on purchasing pre-made stickers and it saves you a lot of time by making your own!

Have fun crafting and scrapbooking ~ Shelly

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