Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scrapbooking | Easy Petting Zoo Scrapbook Layout Idea

My family loves visiting petting zoos and a few weeks ago we had the chance to visit one that had a lot of farm animals on it. They had billy goats, alpacas, chickens, horses, skunks, possums and all kinds of animals there.

When I scrapbook zoo layouts I tend to stick to the green and brown color palette as I think the earthy neutral tones work great for zoo photos. For the layout above I did that in less than 30 minutes in the 12x12 scrapbook format.

I used a solid light green piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper for my background. I then used a coordinating printed piece of paper that I removed 2" off one two sides to make it square to accent the solid piece and glued it down in the center of the paper. I had some varigated brown colored fiber that I attached around the edges using a glue pen. This fiber reminds me of a muted animal print and worked well for this layout.

I had a tag from the Tag-A-Longs (tm) collection that features a horse and the words "Petting Zoo" on it and used that for my tag & title. I cropped down 3 photos and mounted them onto black cardstock and trimmed it so that only 1/8" of an edge remained. I attached the photos to the layout using glue dots.

I placed one photo at the top right and I overlapped the two bottom photos. I then had some animal print letter stickers and spelled out GOATS and THE FARM ANIMALS and placed them onto the page. I had some tiny green letter stickers and spelled out Llamas and placed those above the photo with the llamas in it. I made a second page to coordinate with this one and I made a pocket with a pull-out tag for that page and did my journaling on that for the 2-page layout.

I love doing zoo theme'd layouts especially because I get to work in my favorite color palette of earthy tones. If you could see my scrapbooking room you would see big piles of greens, blues and brown colored papers! I like pastels but usually reserve using them unless I am scrapbooking pictures of my little granddaughter.

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