Saturday, June 18, 2011

Handcrafted Country Amish Wooden Swag Wall Hanging

I love country crafts and this easy to make "Amish" country-style swag is no exception! This swag takes about 2 hours to make because of the hand painting involved but you don't have to be an expert painter to make it because all of the painting work is really easy to do.

You will want to head to your local craft supply store and buy a roll of twine so that you can make the swag which is 5 pieces of twine braided together that is about 16" long. Make sure you tie a knot at the top and at the bottom.

You will want to purchase 3 wooden figures (found in the precut wood section of the store). We purchased pine wood Amish girl, boy and a half-circle shape for the "sign" along with various shades of acrylic paint and a paint brush. Paint your figures in traditional "Amish" colors and let them dry. Once they are dry use a hot glue gun to glue them onto the swag.

If desired, cut some raffia strands and tie them into a bow and hot glue them to your swag to add added interest to it. Hang your new swag on the wall or a door and enjoy!

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