Friday, June 17, 2011

Kid's Crafts | How To Make Pet Rocks

Summer is finally here and that means the kids are out of school and need to be kept busy. When it comes to kid's craft projects...I tend to look for quick, easy and inexpensive craft projects that my kids can do practically on their own.

One thing you can do with your kids this summer is to allow them to make some pet rocks and this craft costs about one dollar if you go out and find some smooth river rocks for them. If can pick up a bag of smooth river rocks at your local craft supply store or at your local home and garden store for about $2.00 for a small bag. You will also need some sharpie markers in various colors, some all-purpose craft tacky glue and a small package of wiggle eyes. I decided to let my kids use Sharpie markers instead of paints because it was less messy. The kids can draw on their rocks any way they see fit. They can draw on facial features, hats, scarves, whatever or they can do the simple thing of just drawing on a mouth and nose and gluing on some wiggle eyes. You can make these "Pet Rocks" simple or you can go all out and let them get creative with them. Once they are done...they can become their "pets" for the summer or they can be used as paper weights. You can also purchase small clear plastic display stands and let the kids display their new rocks on a shelf or table in their rooms. The rock shown in this photo was made by my 7 year old nephew and he calls his pet rock...BALDY!

If you are looking for more craft ideas for kids this summer...check out my blog for the appropriate category as I have several great crafting projects that kids can do!

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