Monday, March 7, 2011

How To Make An Easter Basket From Cake Icing Plastic Tubs

My trash to treasure craft project for the month of March is on how to take a clean and empty cake icing can (icing tub) and turn it into a mini Easter Basket. These is a great way to keep those plastic icing tubs out of our landfills and turn them into a cute Easter basket. You could decorate them and turn them into candy containers for other holidays of the year too! For mine, I used an empty cake icing tub that I removed the label from and washed it.

I then used my 1/4" hole puncher and punch 2 holes into the tub, one on each side so that I could thread my ribbon handle through the holes once done. I used scrapbook paper to cover the outside of the tub so measure your tub and cut your paper accordingly. I used a liquid craft glue pen to glue the paper to the plastic tub and left it dry. I then used my hole puncher again and punched holes through the paper for the handle. I had some pretty purple satin ribbon that had light purple crystals hanging from it and glued that around the top edge of the icing tub.

I then used a piece of white sheer ribbon that measures 1 1/2" wide by 7" long and threaded that through each hole and knotted the ends inside to serve as my pail's handle. I purchased a pack of Easter theme'd rub-ons from the craft store for $1.00 and rubbed them onto the paper that surrounds the pail.

Now you can add a little bit of Easter basket grass and fill your little pail up with some chocolate candies and jelly beans! This project costs about $1.00 to make and even less if you have a lot of left-over craft supplies lying around.

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