Friday, March 11, 2011

Guest Blog Post ~ Nice sketchbook for inspiration

Guest post written by Mac Stephens
Even though I'm only an artist in my spare time, I'm inspired by all kinds of things around me and love to have a sketchbook with me at all time. Now, I can't exactly be sketching while I'm on the clock at work but sometimes I'll break it out when I'm hanging out in other places. But I've filled up my old sketchbook, so I thought that I'd get really creative and make a new one of my own filled with inspiring images.

I picked up a box of art books a while back at a yard sale and thought that I could use the pages from some of those and cut them down to size for the sketchbook. Then I just had to figure out how to put the book together. While I was online looking that up, I found some Wireless internet companies deals. After I showed them to my roommate, we agreed to sign up for one of them for our apartment.

I thought that those art pages would be some great sketchbook inspiration and make it a little more interesting for when I thumb back through the sketchbook.

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