Monday, December 13, 2010

Play Food - FREE Felt Food Hot Dog Pattern

Here is my next installment on how to make felt food for your little girl's kitchen play sets. I think this hot dog came out really cute. It is complete with a squirt of ketchup and mustard! I was able to make this hot dog completely by hand with no machine sewing....although you can machine sew it if you want to.

Felt Hot Dog:

1 sheet of tan colored craft or wool felt
scraps of red and yellow felt
red and yellow embroidery floss
small amount of fiber-fill stuffing
scissors and needle

Pattern: piece of paper measuring 5 1/4" long by 2" wide. From tan felt, cut 2 pieces.

For the ketchup and mustard squirt, I just free-handed that from scraps of felt. I used 2 strands of red embroidery floss and hand sewed it onto one of the tan pieces of felt using tiny stitches. On top of the red squirt, I simply hand sewed on the yellow mustard squirt. Place the 2 tan pieces of felt wrong sides together and use 2 pieces of tan embroidery floss and make a running stitch up the 2 long sides. Turn the "tube" right side out and stuff firmly with fiber-fill. Using tiny stitches...gather up each end with stitches and fasten off. You want your ends to be tightly gathered up so it looks like a hot dog.

You can find more of my FREE felt food patterns ----> HERE

Happy Crafting!

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