Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Play Food - FREE Felt Chicken Nuggets Play Food Pattern!

 Here is my next installment in my felt food aka play food patterns! I have been making felt food for my grand daughter's kitchen play set for a year now and let me tell you...she has a large collection of it!

Today's installment is for felt chicken nuggets which happens to be one of her favorite foods! You can make 2 chicken nuggets in less than an hour and there is no machine sewing. I made mine by blanket stitching my pieces together.

For each nugget...you will need to matching sized pieces for each side. Mine measure about 2 1/2" by 2" and I cut them oblong but not a perfect oval...after all..chicken nuggets are not a perfect oval. You can make yours any shape you would like or trace around an actual chicken nugget to get your pattern. I made mine out of tan craft felt.

Once I had my 2 sides cut out...I cut a strip from the felt that measures 1/4" by the circumference of my nugget. I then did a blanket stitch using 3 strands of tan colored embroidery floss to connect the strip to the side piece and then repeated it for the other side piece. Right before I had it completely sewn...I stuffed it with some fiber-fill. As you can see...pretty dang gone easy!

You can find more of my FREE felt food patterns right here on my blog by checking out my faux food and my felt project categories. Happy Crafting!

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