Sunday, December 26, 2010

PlayFood - FREE Felt French Fries Play Food Pattern

Here is my next installment in FREE felt food aka play food patterns for your little girl's kitchen and playfood sets. Today's installment features french fries and a splat of ketchup on the side. I decided to hand sew these together since working with skinny pieces of felt was trying my patience on the sewing machine.

Felt French Fries with Splat of Ketchup:

1 piece of vanilla colored craft or wool felt
vanilla colored embroidery floss & needle
scrap piece of red felt with red embroidery floss

For the splat of ketchup, I just cut out a splat shape from 2 pieces of red felt. My splat measures about 2" in diameter...I made mine odd shape, not a perfect circle. I then did a blanket stitch and stitched the 2 splats together using red floss.

The french fries were a little big of a challenge for me. I decided to make the fries various sizes...after all, no 2 french fries are ever the same. From vanilla felt I cut out 2 pieces that each measure 5" long by 1 1/4" wide. You will want to vary these measurements for each french fry and each fry will take 2 matching pieces of vanilla felt. I used 2 strands of embroidery floss and just made tiny running stitches up 1 long side, across the one short side and halfway down the other long side. I then flipped it right side out and used tiny whip stitches to sew the fry shut. I didn't use any stuffing inside as the felt was the perfect bulk all on it's own. For our french fry set...I made 6 french fries.

Happy Crafting!

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